Kevin & I are Parents!

On Wednesday, August 18th, Kevin and I became parents to a beautiful little boy! His name is Rimshot and he was born on June 16th. He is a black, brown, and white Jack Russell terrier. And let me just say, he is the most precious thing ever!

Last Christmas, Kevin and I got on the topic of puppies and we started talking about the different breeds that we liked. Growing up, my family always had Cocker Spaniels. They are absolutely wonderful dogs and they aren't very hyper. However, I always wanted a Jack Russell. When I told Kevin that I'd love to have a Jack Russell, he told me that when he was younger he'd watched a movie with one and his name was Rimshot and since then he'd always wanted one. So we decided then and there that when we decided to get a dog, we'd get a Jack Russell and we'd make sure we got a male so we could name him Rimshot.

Throughout the year, we would go to the pet store looking for a male Jack Russell puppy. We found one that we loved. He was exactly what I had in mind. I wanted a white one with brown around his eye and I did not want him to have any black on him. However, when we saw him, it wasn't the right time to get one. I was in the process of trying to finish the semester and move out of my apartment. When we went back a few weeks later, he was gone :(

Over the next couple of months, we kept our eyes out for one. Well on Wednesday, August 18th, I found an add on Craiglist for a litter of Jack Russells. I told Kevin and he called about them. The lady had two males left and so we told her we'd be there in a few hours. On our way there, we pretty much knew we'd be coming home with one and sure enough, we did. When she brought out the two little guys she had, I was a little disappointed that they were white and black. Yet, my disappointment quickly faded when little Rimshot came over to Kevin and me and started playing around. I instantly fell in love with the little guy. He was unlike any other Jack Russell that I'd ever seen. He had black spots that almost reminded me of a Dalmatian (another breed that I absolutely love!). So after talking it over, we paid for the little guy, and took him home!

The past week and half has been something! Getting a puppy was so much more responsibility than I could have ever imagined, yet it is so rewarding at the same time. Having our little guy has really given us a brief glimpse of what it will be like to have children of our own. The first few nights were spent waking up every few hours to take him outside and play with him,((thankfully, he sleeps through most of the night now though!)), we can't leave the house for long periods of time so that he can go outside and use the bathroom every few hours, and we have to arrange our schedule around his! So our lives now completely revolve around our "son", just like it will have to when we have children of our own! Yet, just like with children, its all worth it! There is nothing like coming home and have a little fella go crazy when he hasn't seen you all day and its great to have a little guy kiss all over your face to let you know that he missed you!

Here's a few pictures of the first few days with our little guy!

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