Breakfast at PG's

I seriously had the best breakfast this morning! Not because the food was delicious but because I had the best company ever!

Saturday night I was texting Olivia and she mentioned she'd be in Reidsville on Monday getting her tires rotated and she asked if I would like to grab breakfast since she would be in the area. I knew Kevin would be  at home sleeping  and I'd be sitting around trying to be quiet as a mouse so I told her I would absolutely love to meet her somewhere. As we talked, we knew we could not have a reunion without our other third. So we texted Kristy and she said she was game.

So this morning, Kristy and Olivia came over and we all piled up in my car. Might I add they rode in the back so they could be chauffeured! haha  Anyways, we decided on PG's because the two of them had never been. They had seriously been deprived in their lives; but what can I say... one is from McLeansville; the other is from Browns Summit. I guess I can't hold it against them.

We arrived at PG's around 10:15 and after that I don't know what happened. Between catching up on romances, relationships, movies, books, blogs, life, God, reminiscing good times, and planning a beach trip, we looked at the clock and it was 12:45 and we were still sitting in the restaurant! We couldn't help but laugh because that's what always happens when we get together. We lose all track of time!

But you know, the time was of no concern to me. There was nothing I'd rather be doing than catching up with my best friends. The way I see is it's just another memory we can add to the 17 years worth we already have stored away. I can't wait to see what the next gathering is going to be like. Who knows what memories will be made then!

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