Weekend Recap


This was most definitely a weekend to remember! I can't remember a weekend this great since... well, I don't remember. haha. 

Friday night, as usual, the group and I all made plans to go to dinner. Since Emily and Daniel had a babysitter, we decided to do something different and not eat in Reidsville. Instead, Brooke suggested that we go to Mellow Mushroom in Burlington. I'm not a real fan of Mellow Mushroom but I wanted to go with the group so Kevin and I made our way there and met everyone. I had a hard time figuring out what to order because I don't like their red sauce and it seems that everything you order there comes with it. After deliberating for ten minutes, I finally agreed to split a steak and cheese calzone with the hubby and get an order of their delicious, mouth-watering cheesy bread. As soon as the bread was delivered, Kev and I devoured it within five minutes... no lie! We were told it would be a little while before our food came out because they had a big crowd for a Friday night and they offered to see if anyone wanted a drink. Brooke had had a rough week and so without hesitating, she ordered a Purple Haze. I had never heard of it and asked her what it tasted like. She didn't really know how to explain it so  when the drink was delivered she told me to try it. I did and let me tell you what it tastes like... pure HEAVEN! I'm not much of a drinker because there have been alot of alcoholics in my family so its sort of a turn off for me. But that was one drink I could drink. It contained a bit of vodka, razzmattaz, Sprite, and sour mix. It was awesome.. not to mention that it was pretty too! Here's a picture of one!
Bryan also ordered Wood Chuck's Hard Cider. I'd never had it before so I stole a swig. I have to admit... it really does take just like Apple Cider! It's amazing how people can come up with these drinks!  Anyways, enough with the alcohol, when our food finally came to the table, I was a little hesitant about my calzone but when I bit into it... O.M.G! It was fabulous and probably one of the best ones I have ever eaten. I was thoroughly impressed. After we all ate we sat around talking for at least another hour. We finally got out of Mellow Mushroom around 10... 2 and a half hours after we arrived! By the time we got home, I was exhausted!

Saturday I did something I have not done since I was in middle school. I slept till....11:45! Holy cow! I remember waking up at 8:16 and thinking....well, I'm gonna lay down just a few minutes longer. When I woke up again and rolled over, my clock said 11:42! I jumped out of bed QUICK. I couldn't believe it. But then again, after the rough week I had, no wonder my body was so exhausted. 

When I finally got myself together, I decided to meet my friend Brittni at the tanning place to get our tan on. After that we decided we'd head to the Jaycee Trail to walk since it was such a nice day out. We ended up walking a couple of miles! I was proud of myself... I haven't walked in far too long. I'm thinking of making it part of my daily routine...not sure how I'm going to make it fit though... we'll see. Anyways, after walking, I was starving so I met the hubstir at Monterreys. I'd been craving Mexican all week so I was dying to go! They make the best Mexican food there is everrrr! While there the brother-in-law showed up with a friend so they ended up joining us. Let me just say, lunch with three dudes and one girl is quite funny. 

By the time we ended up getting home, it was time for the hubby to get ready for work :( I hate when he works weekends but at least this Saturday I had plans. After he left for work, I got myself ready and met Brittni again to get our nails done. For the last two years I've had my nails done every two weeks and I decided this year to try to not get them done and save money.. it didn't last. I can't stand looking at my plain nails! Following our nail appointment, we headed to the Vault for dinner at 8. A friend of ours was playing there that night from 10-2am so we wanted to make sure we snagged a good seat. By 11, pretty much all of our friends and part of the group were there. We all sat listening to the music, swapping stories, laughing at each other's jokes, and having a good time. We didn't leave till after 1 and we probably wouldn't have left then if it hadn't have been that two fights started to break out from people who had had a little too much to drink. I don't know about you but once this happens, I get pretty uncomfortable. You never know what drunk people will do! 

It's now Sunday and I hate to admit that I did not make it to church this morning :X. I woke up in time but I wasn't feeling that great so I decided not to go. I hate not going because I feel like I need that weekly rejuvenation. But thankfully, Mt. Zion Wesleyan  (Kevin's uncle's church where we often go) streams their services and puts them online so I can at least get to listen to a good message! 

As soon as Kevin gets up we're going to head to Mom and Dad's for our weekly Sunday lunch with the family. Mom is fixing Chicken Desiree with vegetables. Yummy! Then Kevin and I are going to head to Danville for a date night. We're planning on going to see Man on a Ledge and do dinner at Olive Garden, Applebees, or Outback. Has anyone seen Man on a Ledge? If so, please give me feedback. I always hate spending lots of money to see a movie and then it suck! 

Oh well, I'll update you guys on how our night goes. I hope you ladies have a fabulous day and had a great weekend as well! Now, I'm off to go get ready!

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