More Christmas Presents!!

With everybody running from place to place over the holidays, my friends and I always wait to get together after Christmas and exchange presents. Because I received these presents after the holiday season, it slipped my mind to post pictures of them. But when I posted yesterday about the new scarves I purchased over the weekend, I remembered about these. Since I love them equally as much, I figured I had to be fair and share (:

Kevin's aunt knows I love scarves so she got me the two plaid ones for Christmas! They are sooo warm and unbelievably soft.  My best friend and favorite neighbor in two places, bought me the white and gray striped scarf. Its hilarious to me that she bought this because I only looked at it fifteen times at Walmart but talked myself out of it each time because I wasn't quite sure what I would wear it with.

I love the fact that the gray in this scarf is mixed with glitter thread so it gives it a dressy touch. 

Aly also gave me this adorable top from our favorite hometown store... which I also happened to have looked at several times but never did purchase! Her reason for buying it... "I liked it so, I knew you would". You have no idea how true her statement is. We always end up telling each other about our purchases when we don't go shopping together and eight times out of ten, we usually purchase the same thing! But anyways, I love this top and can't wait to wear it..I think it'll look great with a gray cardigan and jeans for a night out on the town!

Love the top beading!

And one of the last gifts I got for Christmas was from Kristy, one of my lifelong best friends/sisters.  She purchased daisies (obviously my favorite flower since they were the flowers I used in my wedding) and wrapped them around ink pens and placed them in a vase. The colors matched my classroom perfectly!  I've had this arrangement sitting on my desk for three weeks now and it was just two days ago that one of my kids actually discovered that the flowers weren't just fake flowers but were actually pens too! haha Attached to the vase was a cd she made with all of our favorite songs to dance to both in the car and out (; It's going to be our entertainment for our beach trip that we're taking at the end of February!!!

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  1. LOVE that top--isn't nice having friends with similar taste?


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