Oh Monday... Why must you come so soon?

Well this quote pretty much summed up my day! It would be safe to say that I definitely did NOT want to go to work this morning. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my amazing co-workers and my fabulous class of third graders. But the weekend just flew by extremely too fast and I felt like I needed more ME time. Not to mention I need time to clean my house, do several loads of laundry, give my little guy a bath, etc. But regardless, I got my act together and got ready for work; all the while I reminded myself that Friday was just FIVE days away!

Once I got to work, my Monday blues faded and my day went pretty good. The kiddos were off the wall though from the lack of outdoor recess but we made the most of it! Hint of advice... Four Corners is the BEST indoor recess game! haha

After work I met the hubby at my parent's house and we hung out there until he had to go to work. I feel like I barely saw him though but thankfully I will see him tomorrow for quite a while! Usually if I don't see him for long it bothers me but with it being Monday night I have plans so I didn't think much about it. Each Monday, Brittni and I get dinner and curl up in front of the tv and watch the Bachelor. Speaking of which, I love these two ladies this season!



And these two ladies... ugh! Don't even get me started! They are just plain evil! And I hate to say that about Blakely considering she's from my state but seriously?! How can you be so mean?



Well the Bachelor is about to come on so I must go! Talk to you ladies tomorrow!

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