Best Christmas Photo Ever!

For the month of January, my students are working on making inferences. This week our focus was on inferring with pictures. As I was putting together a flipchart for inferring with pictures, I thought about the following photo of the triplets at Christmas. This truly is the best and funniest Christmas photo ever. I showed it to my students and they immediately busted out in laughter. They thought it was hilarious! Once the laughter died down, they all made an inference on how the boys felt. They did great and came up with the perfect inference. Since I realized I never shared this picture before, I figured I had to post it. It will truly bring a smile to your face!

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  1. Hahaha, I love it! I just finished my Masters of Teaching and I'm always inspired when teachers use humor like this to get a point across! Thanks for stopping by my blog--I loved your comment!


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