Outfit of the Day's

Well, it seems that alot of the bloggers I am currently following are posting blog posts of their OOTD's. For those of you not familiar with blogging lingo, this means Outfit of The Day. When I came across this idea earlier this week, I decided I'd see if I could keep up with it. So far so good! I successfully took pictures of my outfits that I wore to work on Wednesday-Friday! So I figured I'd share. I'm going to try to keep up with this but who knows what will happen. I don't always have time to take pictures each morning... especially as it nears the end of the week. It seems the further into the week it gets, the harder and harder it is to get up! Anyways, here are my outfits from Wednesday-Friday!

Wednesday, January 18

Thursday, January 19th

Friday, January 20th

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