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Happy Halloween, ladies! I am so excited to get the Halloween festivities underway. Last year Harper was too young to understand the concept but I think she just might enjoy herself this year. I'll be leaving work shortly after 3, running to pick her up from daycare, then we plan to start making our rounds sometime after 4. We have lots of houses to visit and lots of pictures to take! But before we can have some fun, I want to leave you all with a little five for Friday love...

A Full Weekend with the Hubs
I am so excited that the hubs has the whole weekend off. This hasn't happened in months and I couldn't be more ecstatic. Go figure he does happen to have a cold and spent most of his day laying around yesterday. But Harper and I will take him sick or well if it means we can see him more. We have an exciting weekend planned. Of course tonight we'll be trick or treating. Tomorrow we'll be painting Harper's playroom then finishing off the night with a game night with our closest friends. And Sunday we'll be having family photos taken. Our schedule is jammed pack but I'm looking forward to spending the weekend as a family of three! 

"Me" Time
Despite that the hubs wasn't feeling well yesterday, he was so gracious to watch Harper when I got off work so I could have some "me" time. After work I headed to the nail salon and treated myself to a much needed manicure. I hadn't been since July and it was nearly killing me. When I got home I fixed dinner and we ate together as a family. When dinner was done and the dishes were cleared, Kevin told me to go upstairs and read while he and Harper played so that's just what I did. I spent the evening curled up in our bed with a new book while Harper and Kev had some daddy/daughter time. I ended up reading the entire book in one sitting... something I haven't done in ages. Days like that are ones I could really get used to!

Happy Mail Days
My herringbone vest that I ordered over a month ago arrived in the mail this week. I had to wear it the very next day. I paired it with a chambray shirt, black leggings, and my new hunter boots. Toss in a gold monogram necklace and I thought my outfit was pretty perfect. 

Just Call Me Betty Crocker
I'm not sure what's gotten into me here lately but I've been cooking up a storm. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind cooking, it's the cleaning up after part that prevents me from carrying out the task. But here lately I've been cooking all our meals at home and it feels so great. We've had some delicious meals and we've saved a ton of money instead of eating out. We've had meatloaf, barbeque ribs, homemade vegetable soup, and chicken tettrazini and I even have meals lined up for the weekend. I think I just may go as Betty Crocker tonight for Halloween (;

Christmas Goodies
Thanks to some amazing steals on Zulily and a sale at Pottery Barn kids this week, Harper has three more Christmas gifts on the way. Since Harper no longer needs a diaper bag everywhere we go, I snatched up the most precious mini backpack from Pottery barn this week for less than $20. It's the perfect size to keep a few diapers in, a couple of books, some snacks, and a sippy cup. I can't wait till it arrives! 

In addition to Harper's backpack, I snatched up a few toys for her on Zulily. Harper is hands down my child when it comes to her OCD ways. She is obsessed with putting thems back in their places when she's done with them; a task I promise I did not teach her. She even puts Kevin's tennis shoes in the right place at the end of the day if she sees he's laid them somewhere else. I'm telling you... this girl makes me proud :P With that said, Harper loves to watch me clean so when I saw these adorable kids play cleaning sets I had to get them both for Harp. I sure hope she loves them as much as I do!


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