A Simple Weekend

Good morning, ladies! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Ours went by at lightning speed. Friday after work I headed home to do a little laundry before picking up the babe. By the time I got her, it was dinner time so we met my parents at a local diner for some breakfast for dinner... my favorite time to eat bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns. Is it just a southern thing or does breakfast taste better at night everywhere in the United States?

Saturday, Harper and I grabbed breakfast at our usual spot with my parents and sister while the hubs spent another day working. After breakfast, my sister, Harper and I made our way to the outlets to do a little fall shopping. My friend Brittni also met us there. After grabbing a few items at Gap and cashing in my style cash, we made our way to Target and TJ Maxx where we picked up a few more fall staples that I'll be sharing on the blog in the coming weeks. We arrived home just moments before the hubs got home. I'm not sure if it was being on the road all day or just having shopped till we dropped, but Harper and I were exhausted. Factor in a husband that had worked his tail off all day for twelve hours straight, and you have a recipe for take out and early bedtimes. Which is just what we did. 

Sunday Harper and I woke up early so we surprised the hubs at work with breakfast. After which we headed to church with my family. Our usual Sunday morning sermon was replaced with a bluegrass gospel band and they were amazing. Harper was fascinated with the music and we caught her dancing more than once during the service. When church was over, we headed to Mom and Dad's for lunch with the family. Since Kevin was working all day again, we hung there most of the evening until we knew it was about time for him to be home. The rest of our evening was spent at my in-laws house where we grabbed some dinner and hung out with the family. 

Pretty simple weekend if you ask me. But sometimes, that's just what ya need. 

Happy Tuesday ladies!

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