Picking Out Pumpkins

As promised last week on my Five for Friday post, I'm here today to share some pictures from Harper's first experience of picking out pumpkins. Initially when Kevin and I created our fall bucket list, we had all intentions of taking Harp to a local pumpkin patch complete with hay rides and cow trains. Unfortunately, with Kevin's crazy work schedule and no days off in the near future, I'm not sure when that opportunity will present itself so we did the next best thing... we headed out to my church's pumpkin patch and picked up some cute little ones in the name of a good cause. Despite that our church's pumpkin patch doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the other local ones, Harper didn't seem to notice and she was still quite pleased with the selections before her. It took her close to thirty minutes to decide on two of the cutest little pumpkins ever but that was of course after we told her she couldn't get the pumpkin that was as big as she was. Oh my little one... She's got tastes like her mama! :P

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking! 

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  1. This was the perfect alternative!! She is adorable with the tiny pumpkin!! This time of year is soooo fun with our littles!


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