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Happy Friday, girls. This has seriously been one of the best weeks we've had in a long time here in the Holt household. Our week has been filled with quite a bit of fun which happens to be quite unusual during the week. It's usually all work and no play until the weekend but this week was quite the opposite. Since I didn't get around to blogging about any of this week's adventures, I thought today would lend itself to the perfect opportunity to share a few snapshots from our week. So hang on to the edge of your seat and let's get started shall we....

The Hubby's Game
As I've mentioned before Kevin plays recreational softball with quite a few of his buddies each week. He's been playing for years and it's something I love to watch him do. Unfortunately with the cooler temperatures in the evenings, Harper and I don't make it to many of the fall games. However, Wednesday night after he left to head to his game, we changed into our winter gear and made our way to the ball field to surprise him. We had a blast cheering him on and Harper loved shouting "Dada, Dada" every time he came up to bat. Pretty sure that put a smile on Kevin's face for most of the game! I'd even like to say we're the reason he was on fire most of the night (;

Celebration Station
Yesterday Kevin's work hosted a family event at Celebration Station. Harper was a bit too young to participate in the games but Kevin and I swapped off holding her and chasing her around to get in a few games ourselves (; Despite that she couldn't really play the games, she could indulge in the food and that she did whole-heartedly. The kid ate 3 whole slices of pizza. Seriously. How she eats more than me and gains no weight is beyond me.

Girl's Night Out
I am happy to report that tonight I'll be having a girl's night out with some of my teammates. Seriously. I can't remember the last time I headed out to dinner and a movie with some girlfriends. Excited is hands down an understatement. After work I'll be heading home, getting fancy, and then rolling out with some coworkers for dinner and a movie. The Best of Me is calling my name! Any of you girls seen it yet?

A Clean House
Tonight my coworkers will be coming to my house to meet up before the movie so we can all ride together. With that said, I needed to do some tidying up. So last night around 9, with the hubs gone and the babe in bed, I thought I'd just sweep the floors and do a little dusting. Fast forward three hours later and I found myself on a roll. I had swept and vacuumed all the floors, washed and folded the laundry, dusted all the furniture, cleaned the bathrooms, and even packed away some of Harper's toys. Despite it being midnight when I finished, I couldn't fall asleep because I was so giddy that our house was spotless before the weekend. Lame I know, but a working mama doesn't see that happening much these days. Now to figure out what I'll spend my Saturday doing since it won't be cleaning. 

Christmas Gifts
I am so happy to report that as of last night, Kevin and I have officially figured out what everyone in our family is getting for Christmas. Ladies, you have no idea how much of a huge relief this is for this girl. Every year I hate racking my brain for what to get our parents. They are by far the hardest people to shop for because they both have everything. But this year, their gift is going to be the best one yet. Just you wait and see! And as for Harp... she's getting the playroom we never quite got around to doing for her birthday. I sat down this week and played around on Polyvore with some different e-designs and finally came up with the look I'm going for. The end result was amazing. Here's part of the design I came up with... isn't it precious?! I sure hope she loves it as much as I do!


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