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Friday is finally here and I'm pretty stoked about it. I'm not going to lie, I count down the days till Friday just like I count down the days until Christmas. And while I'm on the topic of Fridays and Christmas, there are just eleven Fridays left between now and then. Whoop whoop! Not even going to lie, it's probably my favorite discovery that I made this week. And speaking of my week, lets get on with this Oh, Hey Friday & 5 on Friday post so I can share some randoms from it. 


1. Impromptu Date Night
After my not so perfect beginning of the week, the hubs surprised me with a dinner date for just us two. He arranged for his mom to watch Harper while the two of us regrouped over dinner at Outback. To really put the cherry on top, he even took me to Marshalls, Old Navy, and Target/Starbucks. Just a few of my favorite places where I bought nothing except for Harper's first car (see #2). How'd I get so lucky with this guy?!

2. Bargain of the Year
During our trip to Target the night of our impromptu date night, the hubs and I found ourselves wondering down aisles we usually don't browse. Most of the time our Target runs consist of the clothing, baby, housewares, and grocery departments. But this week we found ourselves perusing the sporting goods section looking at random pool gear that was marked down on clearance. Then lo and behold, we hit the holy grail! There in a box sat a battery-powered Viper for just $50 on clearance! After a quick google search, I discovered that they retailed for $280 at Walmart! Kevin and I had already discussed that Harper's big Christmas item this year would be a battery powered car as her little Cozy Coupe is her favorite thing in the world. However, Kevin really wanted to get Harper a Corvette just like his. But for just $50, we really couldn't pass up grabbing this baby. I think Kevin was as excited  as I was for the bargain of the year. And can I just say, Kevin's exact words as we were walking out of the store were "Well, I always wanted a viper"! Men!

3. Fall Fashion Must-Haves
So last week I posted my top five fall must-haves. If you didn't read about them, you can find that post here. I'm happy to report that three of those items have been ordered and are on their way. I'm super excited. My boots arrived yesterday and my scarf and vest will make their appearance in the next few weeks. Happy mail days will be in my future! I'm sure you'll be seeing my mail day excitement on instagram! :D

4. New Hairstyles
Harper got a new hairstyle after bath time last week. I have to admit it was meant to be a joke but then I thought it made for the cutest picture and everytime I stumble across it, I can't help but smile real big!

5. My Mini Me
Over the weekend, Harper and I sported identical shoes... well almost. The thought that Harper is now at the stage that she can dress like her mama makes me oh so happy that I have a girl. I'll be on the hunt this weekend for some more mama and me staples for our closets! If you didn't catch my weekend recap, last weekend I grabbed up a few adorable pieces for Harper's wardrobe. Now I'm off to find myself a matching fur vest just like hers :P

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