Weekend Recap

This weekend sure was a fast one but that's what tends to happen when you're having fun. Our weekend was filled with friends and family and I personally don't care to spend my weekends any other way. Any of you ladies with me on that one?! As has been the case for the last twelve weekends, the hubs had to work Saturday and Sunday. He was supposed to have Saturday off but his work had other ideas. But that was okay because we're counting down the days until next weekend when we get to spend both Saturday and Sunday with our main man! Yippee! Harper and I will take what we can get these days. But back to our weekend...

Friday after work I ran home to get ready for a girls night out with my teammates from work. Around 6 they all showed up at my house. After a quick kiss goodbye to the hubs and babe, we were on our way to grab some dinner, drinks, and catch a movie. Unfortunately, the restaurant we chose was not on their A-game that night so we ended up missing the movie. But that was okay because we spent longer at the restaurant laughing and carrying on and then substituted the movie for a Starbucks and Target run. What girls don't love Target?! We spent nearly an hour there and each of us bought more stuff than we needed. Glad I'm not the only one with that problem!

Saturday morning Harper and I met up with my parents for breakfast at our usual Saturday brunch spot. Following breakfast, we headed to vote early and then did a little browsing at Belk. Afterwards we headed home for Harper to get a quick nap and me to do some laundry. When Kevin got home from work we headed out to grab Mexican for dinner with some of our friends and Kevin's brother and his girlfriend. Not even gonna lie... that was my fourth time eating Mexican last week. I have a serious problem. haha

Sunday morning Harper and I took Kevin breakfast like we usually do. Unlike most mornings though, this time we headed out in our pajamas and not our Sunday best. It was just one of those kind of mornings. But we did get our butts in gear when we got back home and got ourselves ready for church. We may or may not have been fifteen minutes late though. Good thing my family sits in the back (; After church, we headed to my parents with one of my best friends in tow. Since Brittni's parents were out of town and Kevin was at work, Brittni joined my  family for lunch and gladly took Kevin's place! After lunch Brittni and I headed to Greensboro for a little shopping at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and Target. Other than wrapping paper and groceries, we came up empty handed which probably was a good thing.

We ended our weekend with dinner and a movie at our house with our siblings and friends. All-in-all, it was a great one (: Hope yours was too!


  1. I love how you spend so much time with family on the weekend! We need to get better at doing that because I'm happiest when I'm with my family!

  2. Yay for having the hubby's at home next weekend! B will be home, so we will be celebrating having Daddy home too:) We are lucky to have such hardworking, amazing men - but having them gone so much sure is tough!


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