{Weekend Recap} A Fun, Fall Weekend

Happy Monday ladies! I usually don't get around to sharing about our weekend until Tuesday these days, but something about our weekend put a little pep in my step and I got around to sharing about it today. Our weekend was filled with all things fall related and it was absolutely glorious.

Friday afternoon I left work sometime around 3:30 and made a quick grocery store run to grab a few essentials for the weekend. On a whim, before picking up Harp from daycare, I decided to swing by a local gift shop to check out some of their new fall merchandise. I ended up scoring the cutest picture frame ever that is the perfect addition to our fall decor on the coffee table. You'll be seeing pics later this week, I promise!

When Kevin got home from work Friday around 6:15, we all changed clothes then headed out the door to visit some people at a local nursing home. My great aunt and uncle have been in a nursing home for quite some time now and every so often I take Harper to visit them. Now that Harper is a bit bigger she really opens up to the residents there and just smiles, talks, and oohs and ahhhs at them. It makes the residents' days and ours as well seeing how happy our little girl makes them. Since we hadn't been lately we thought Friday would be the perfect day to take her. Despite our late arrival, Harper was still in a great mood and cut up and carried on with several of the patients. We ended up staying for an hour or so then made our way to grab dinner with my parents at a local cafe. As you can tell from the picture below, we were pretty excited about our evening!

Our Saturday morning started bright and early. At 8am, my parents showed up at our house baring the most amazing stew in the south. Every October a local church cooks a stew and my whole family stocks up on it for the winter. Since it has to be picked up around 6am my parents always grab it for us so we can sleep in for a few extra hours. One of the perks to my parents being early risers (;

After testing the stew out (yes, for breakfast), Kevin and I got ready while my mom and dad watched Harper. By 9:30 we were all out the door and heading out for a real breakfast at our usual Saturday morning breakfast spot. After stuffing ourselves silly, we headed downtown for our city's annual Homegrown Festival which happens to be my favorite event of the year. During the Homegrown Festival, all the downtown streets are blocked off so that vendors can set up and sell trinkets, home made goodies, nick knacks and such. Along with the vendors, there are also classic cars, fried food stands, inflatables, pony rides, and concerts held at the Market Square. It makes for a fun family outing! We spent the majority of the day there despite that we were overdressed for the 80 degree weather that came out of no where.

Saturday afternoon my in-laws and Kevin's grandma stopped by the house on their way home from the beach. None of them had seen Harper for a few days and they were having withdrawals (; Harper was just as excited to see them as they were to see her and she ran all over the house showing off for them. It was super cute. Since my mother-in-law didn't get to pick up Harper from daycare Friday like she usually does, she volunteered to watch Harper for the remainder of the evening so Kevin and I could have some alone time. Despite the fact it was already 7 o'clock, we took her up on the offer and headed to Danville to look for some Halloween decorations for an upcoming Halloween party we may or may not have. After quick trips to Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, Old Navy, and Target we made our way to Chick fil a for a quick dinner then headed back home to grab Harper and call it a night.

I had all intentions of spending my Sunday doing our usual Sunday routine then coming home and decorating our home for the fall season since it hasn't been finished yet. But unfortunately, my body had other plans. I woke up yesterday morning with the worst case of vertigo that I've had in years. It was awful. I couldn't lift my head without breaking a sweat, feeling sick. and feeling like I had done one too many rounds on a tire swing. Factor in a husband that was working a 12-hour shift and there was a problem. Thankfully my parents live just ten minuets away. After a quick phone call to my dad, my parents showed up at our house just moments later. My mom brought me my medicine then got Harper up and ready for the day. Then my Dad ran and got us a biscuit. By the time I ate, my medicine had kicked in and I felt a lot better. But for precaution sake, my mom took Harper and I back to their house while Dad went to church. I spent the remainder of the day on their couch napping while Harper was spoiled rotten by the rest of my family. Despite being out of a commission, it felt good to catch up on some rest and take it easy for a change.

Hope you ladies had a fun, fall filled weekend. Check back tomorrow for another fun, fall post! 

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  1. Hope you're feeling better, sweet friend! Vertigo sounds like no fun at all!!!


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