{Weekend Recap} Halloween + Game Nights

Happy Tuesday, girls! I had all intentions of sharing our weekend recap yesterday but I was still just so in awe of the weekend that we had that I could barely sit down to put words on a blank screen. It was hands down the best weekend we've had in ages. I'm not sure if it was because it was filled with so much fun or if it was because the hubs actually got to spend a whole weekend at home with us, but whatever it was.... it was perfect!

Kevin and I kicked off our weekend like most of you mamas and daddies out there. Following a long day at work, we got the babe ready and took her trick or treating. Since Harper is still a bit too young to understand the concept we took her from house to house to visit family members instead of going door to door getting candy. Our first stop was Kevin's aunt's house where Harper only wanted to eat her new snacks or play with Aunt Debbie's "roo roo's" (that's what she calls dogs now).

After leaving Aunt Debbie's we headed to Kevin's grandparents' house where his parents were also waiting for us. Mema had more snacks waiting for Harper and Kevin's parents got Harper a new Halloween book. She was in heaven.

Around 8pm, we left Mema and Papa Jimmy's and headed to my parents' house where my siblings were also waiting. By that point Harper was exhausted but at the sight of new toys and Nana's freshly made grilled cheese, she mustered up some more energy and put on a show for everyone.

Saturday morning we slept in until well after 9. It was heavenly rolling over and finding the hubs laying in bed next to me. It hasn't happened in weeks my friends and I almost forgot what it felt like. Around 9:15 we heard Harper stirring so Kevin got her out of her bed and brought her into ours. Around 10 we got up and made ourselves presentable for our usual Saturday morning breakfast with my parents.

After breakfast we took Harper to Kevin's parents' house where Harper was going to hang out for the day. Kevin's mom volunteered to watch Harper so we could paint Harper's soon to be play room. Shortly after lunch, Brooke (my brother-in-law's girlfriend) and I got to work on painting. The guys were supposed to help but they ditched us to go search for food and to hit up the gym. But at least they weren't in our way (; By the time the guys returned several hours later, Harper's room had been painted, we'd showered and gotten ready, and we even had food cooking for our game night. We ended our Saturday night by hosting a game night with some of our closest friends. We played Taboo and it made for one hilarious game. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of anything but the food. haha

Our Sunday was spent having breakfast with Brooke and Bryan, lunch with my parents, taking family pictures, then spending the rest of the day curled up in front of the tv watching movies. It really couldn't have been much better than that!

Here's to hoping next weekend is just as good!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! Harper looked so cute in her costume! Totally off topic but what car seat does Harper have? I am in the market for a convertible seat for my son and am trying to get opinions from other mamas!


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