{Harper's Playroom} The Tale of Two Rooms

If you haven't caught the first two installments of my "Harper's Playroom" series taking place here on Thursdays, you can catch them here and here. Today I want to share my two all time favorite play spaces from the blogging community. These two rooms are the rooms I'm utterly obsessed with. Both designers did an amazing job and after seeing them I knew I had to pattern Harper's playroom after one or the other.. if not both. 

The first room I fell in love with was Lay Baby Lay's playroom that she designed for her daughter. The colors, the furniture, all the details... it was love at first sight. The room had most of the aspects I wanted to incorporate into Harper's playroom. It had the couch, teepee, craft area, and book nooks. The only spaces missing were the kitchen, market, and dressing area. But with a space this pretty... a girl could live without! 

The second playroom I fell in love with had everything I was looking for in a room. Pear Design Studio hit the nail right on the head with this adorable design. It had everything a playroom should have... an area for family to sit, cute storage, a place to play dress up, a craft corner, and even a reading nook. Despite that it didn't have a teepee for the reading nook as I had envisioned, the fabric poufs were an equally lovable replacement.

After seeing both of these rooms I knew I had to pattern Harper's room after one or the other. The problem was deciding which of the two it would be. On one hand, I loved the girliness the pops of pink and yellow had to offer from Lay Baby Lay's space. But on the other hand, I loved how neutral Pear Design Studio's space was. The blues, grays, and yellows would very well work for a girl as well as a boy. Knowing we'll be adding another little person to our family in the next year or so, the idea of leaving it neutral was a really good idea. Since I was in such a conundrum there was only one thing left to do... let my husband decide!

So which did Kevin choose? Check back next Wednesday (since next Thursday is Thanksgiving) and I'll tell you! (;


  1. My vote is for the neutral (thinking Kevin's might have been too?) Since you guys are definitely planning on more little ones, I could definitely see the more neutral one working well no matter what the genders are:) They're both precious though - can't wait to find out more!

  2. EEEK! Can't wait to see! I love the neutral look but only if you think you won't have anymore babies? Savanna is my last so I knew a girly playroom would be okay! But I'm totally swooning over the neutral spaces!


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