A Not-So Exciting Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, girls! I hope your weekends went swell. Nothing too exciting happened here. I considered not even doing a weekend recap post but decided that I had to because some of the pics of Harper from this weekend were just too cute not to share. So here goes our not so exciting weekend recap ladies... I promise to keep it short (;

On Friday Kevin skipped the gym after work so we could grab an early supper with my parents. I was in the mood for some breakfast for dinner so off to Reid's House we went. It's a local diner that always knows how to hit the spot. After dinner, we headed home where we ended our night straightening up the house and catching a bit of tv before we all called it a night sometime before 10pm. How exciting our lives have become! 

Saturday Kevin was supposed to have the day off but he ended up getting called into work which meant it was just Harper and me for the day. We met my parents at our usual breakfast spot then headed to Danville with them to do a little Christmas shopping. I grabbed a few things for Harper's play room and let her browse the toy aisle at Target to get a few toy ideas for her for Christmas. This ended up being a huge mistake. They had several toys out of their packages on display so that kids could play with them. As soon as Harper got to play with the toy "roo roo" she was hooked. Let's just say most of the store heard her when I told her I had to put it back. Major meltdown! Thank God for the dollar bin that quickly occupied her thoughts and hands! Following our Target run we ran by Sam's Club where I grabbed a new book for Harper's 25 books of Christmas collection as well as a movie for her Christmas Eve box. Both of which I can't wait to share about in the month of December!

We ended our Saturday night with a date night for me and Kev and a play date at Grandma and Grandpa's for Harper. While my in-laws spoiled Harper rotten, Kevin and I made a quick trip to the movies to watch Dumb and Dumber 2. It was hilarious if you're into stupid comedy... which I'll admit, we are :P 

Sunday morning we got up and went to church together as a family. It was wonderful worshiping our Lord and Savior with Harper in my lap and my husband by my side. It's something too often I take for granted. After church we headed to my parents' house for lunch. By the time we left it was Harper's nap time so we headed home. While she slept and the husband relaxed, I cleaned the house and caught up on laundry. We finished our night with a grocery store run, dinner from Taco bell, and a cuddle session in front of a hallmark movie. 

It may not have been the weekend of my dreams, but it was still a good one friends! And for that I'm thankful!

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