{Harper's Playroom} Color Scheme

Welcome back to my "Harper's Playroom" series. Last week I shared the conundrum I found myself in after discovering both Lay Baby Lay's playroom design as well as Pear Design Studio's play space. Both of them are ADORABLE! I loved them so much I knew I had to somewhat recreate their design's in Harper's room. The problem was deciding which one to go with. After much debate, I decided to leave it up to the husband. So which design did he choose? The girly one or the neutral. Well he picked... (drum roll please)... the girly one!

After much discussion and debate we decided that despite how much we loved the neutral design for future kids, the girly one was perfect for the child we have now. Harper is very much our little diva and a room full of pops of pink and yellow were just what she'd enjoy. With all of our major pieces being gender neutral, we figure if in the future, we add a little boy to our family, we'll swap out Lay Baby Lay's design for one more like Pear Design Studio's. Since we'll be using all gender neutral furniture the switch shouldn't be hard. We'll change the tan walls to gray and the pink pillows to blue. Easy peazy! 

Now that we have a color scheme in mind, below is my design board for Harper's space! I can't wait to see it all come together (: 

Harper's Playroom Shopping List

Thanks for stopping by today! Come back again next week to see some of the artwork I've chosen for her space. I may even need your help making the final decisions (: 

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