{Harper's Playroom} Before Pictures

Over the last few months I've mentioned a time or two that Kevin and I are planning on converting Kevin's "man cave" into a playroom for Harper. Our original plan was to convert this room as a present for Harper's first birthday but it just didn't happen despite our best intentions. At the time of Harper's birthday, we were in the process of pulling up all of our carpet upstairs and replacing it with hardwood. Since that little project took longer than expected and cost more than we'd planned, we knew that this project would have to be postponed until a later date when we had more time and more money. Fast forward to present time and we've decided now is the time to move forward with our plans. We've decided that for Harper's "big" Christmas item this year she's going to get her very own playroom. Let's hope she's as excited about it as I am!

With Christmas being less than two months away, the countdown to get this room complete has begun. I've already perused Pinterest for inspiration and literally have close to a hundred ideas pinned. We've come up with a new color scheme for the room, began a general layout of what we want where, and have started a shopping list of items we're going to need.

Just for some fun, I thought I'd share this room redo with you ladies over the next few weeks. My goal is to post tidbits on the room every Thursday. I'll be sharing my inspiration, room updates, and I'm sure I'll be getting your opinions on a few pieces I've yet to decide on. Here's hoping we'll get this project tackled on time! I've already got my eye set on a giant gold bow I plan to put on the door on Christmas morning :P

To give you an idea of what I'm working with... here's the before pictures. (sorry, they were taken before we put hardwoods down!)

Check back next Thursday for some of my favorite Pinterest inspirations (: 

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