Weekend Recap

Good morning ladies. It's another Monday which means the weekend has came and gone yet again. However this Monday doesn't come so dreadfully because in just six days we'll be making our way to the beach. So let's get this week started shall we?!

I had Friday off and spent most of it cleaning. Our house was in definite disarray and needed a major cleaning and hauling session. I let Harper sleep in until shortly after 9, fed her breakfast, then took her to daycare. From that point on I cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned some more. By 2 the house was looking much better than it had before. I even managed to tackle cleaning out a few drawers, cabinets, and closets. woot woot!  Friday night we met up with part of our Friday night gang for dinner at a local pizza place. In the summer months with everyone being so busy we don't get to do dinner as much together so it was great to catch up with them and see what they've been up to. When dinner was over we finished the night up with some ice cream from a local dairy bar. A small cup of butter pecan hit the spot!

Kevin had to work Saturday so it was just supposed to be Harper and me for the day. Around noon we decided to surprise the hubs with lunch but before we could get out the door my sister popped by. She ended up spending the rest of the day with us just hanging out at the house. It was nice to have some company and Harper loved having her auntie home. After Kevin got home from work on Saturday we took Harper over to see her grandparents. My mother-in-law volunteered to watch Harper so we could go grab a quick dinner and run a few errands. We were supposed to leave as soon as we got to their house but Kevin's brother and his girlfriend had just started watching Non-Stop and I got into it. We didn't end up leaving until the movie was over...at 8 o'clock. Needless to say we had a late dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant that stays open late on the weekends then ran a few quick errands before stores closed for the night.

Kevin had to work Sunday as well so Harper and I took him breakfast on his first break. It was such a nice day that we decided to just sit in the car and eat our breakfast with the windows down. Since Harper wanted to dance, we turned on some music for her and let her shake her little booty away. Unfortunately when I got ready to leave my car wouldn't crank. Apparently Harp's hour long dance session made my car battery die. Boo! Thankfully Kevin swapped cars with me and one of his coworkers volunteered to kick my car off later.

After our morning adventure, Harper and I headed to church with my family and then headed back to my parents house for our weekly lunch date. Mom fixed taco salads and they were delicious as always. After lunch Harper headed outside with her papa and played in the front yard. They ran around, waved at the neighbors as they came down the road, picked flowers, and gobbled up doughnuts in the driveway. Harp was in heaven.

Last night when Kevin got home from work we grabbed dinner and headed to his parents house. Harper spent the better part of the evening running around outside and blowing bubbles. The kid loves bubbles. Seriously, that's all she ever wants to do. By 10 o'clock the kid was knocked out from an eventful day and we made our way back home to start another week.

Hope your weekends were just as fabulous!

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