{Recipes} Banana Pudding

It's no secret that banana pudding is by far a Holt family favorite. After all, we do live in the south and whats not to love about cookies and fruit topped with whipped cream and pudding? I mean... seriously? You can't say no.  Over the weekend I was asked to make a dessert to bring to a family cookout and immediately banana pudding came to mind. It's the perfect summer dessert. I have a trusted recipe that I usually rely on but at the last minute, as in I was actually in the grocery store buying supplies, I text my best friend and asked for her mother-in-law's recipe. At Aly & Clint's rehearsal dinner they served banana pudding as a dessert and many of the guests went on and on about how it didn't compare to Clint's Mom's recipe. Since there were so many rave reviews on it I had to try it and thankfully she didn't mind sharing it. And y'all... it was to die for and super easy to make so I must share it with you guys!

Regular size box of instant vanilla pudding
2 cups of cold mix (for pudding mix)
Large tub of Cool Whip
Box of Vanilla Wafers
4 Bananas

- Mix in 2 cups of milk with pudding mix and let it set in refrigerator.
- Once pudding has set, mix half of Cool Whip with the pudding mix
- In a serving dish, place a layer of cookies, a layer of bananas, and then half of the pudding mix.
- Repeat layer of cookies, bananas, and pudding
- Place another layer of cookies and bananas and top with remaining cool whip
- Top with crushed vanilla wafers

It is by far one of the easiest recipes ever and the most delicious. Take my word for it and go make it now!

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  1. Banana pudding is soooo delicious! Have you ever tried Paula Deen's Not Yo Mama's Banana Pudding recipe? It is FABULOUS!



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