Burdened & Brokenhearted

Ladies this morning I come to you with a broken heart. A heart that is heavy and burdened. Three weeks ago a former student of mine, whose mother also works with me, was placed in the hospital. Three weeks ago we had no idea what that would mean. You see just days before being placed in the hospital Spencer complained to her mom that she wasn't feeling well. She visited the school nurse and I gathered it was chalked up to being the end of the school year blues. Everyone was feeling kind of blah at that time. EOG's were over, kids and teachers both were DONE. Everyone was just ready for school to be out. But over the weekend Spencer continued to not feel well so her parents decided to visit Urgent Care to just double check that everything was okay. After a quick visit, they were told it was just a virus. However, they made plans to take Spencer to her regular doctor the next day. Only they didn't get the chance.

When my coworker went to get Spencer up for school the following morning she continued to complain that she didn't feel well. Moments later she collapsed to the floor. Her mother had to do CPR until the ambulance arrived. From my understanding on the way to the hospital Spencer coded and a trach had to be placed to allow her to breathe. Hours later she was rushed from our local hospital to a children's research hospital. While there the doctors discovered she had Sepsis, an infection of the blood, that was caused by Strep. They knew Spencer would have a long road ahead of her but there was hope. Over the last three weeks, Spencer showed progress. She would move her feet, open her eyelids, cough, and even began to breathe on her own again so much so that her ventilator was removed just last week. All of her friends and family were encouraged and felt like she was truly on the road to recovery. But something happened, something went wrong.

Yesterday afternoon, she went to be with Jesus. I don't know why God would take such a young, vibrant eleven year old who had her whole life ahead of her. He took an only child from two amazing parents who loved and served Him with all that they had. So many prayers went up for her all morning, all day, and all night. People begged for her healing and her life and God said she was better with Him. I don't understand. I can't help but ask God why. But I know why. It's part of His ultimate plan even though we don't understand it right now. 

This morning I will meet on the front lawn of a local church where my coworkers and members of the community will humble ourselves and pray for this family. At this time there is nothing we can do for this family other than pray and I ask that you pray for the Springs Family as well. Their pain is unfathomable to me. I can't imagine having my precious baby ripped out of my life so suddenly. My only child, the one I prayed for for years. Today they will pick out their daughter's casket. Just the thought causes the hot, fresh tears to stream down my face.  My heart breaks all over again. Never in Laura and Kevin's wildest dreams did they imagine they'd be planning their daughter's funeral before they planned her wedding. Life changes so quickly.

Today hug your babies a little big tighter. Savor the good and the bad because in just an instant they could be gone. Remember the Springs family in your prayers in the days and weeks to come <3 nbsp="">


  1. I Will be praying for them. this really touched me, i had goosebumps and chills the whole time i read it .

    Im on my knees at my desk at work praying for this family right now. May God be with them and with you during this time of Tragic loss. </3

  2. Praying. Such a heartbreaking story - there are honestly no words. So, so sad:(

  3. My heart goes out to this family. That is just devastating. Sending prayers up!

  4. This is heartbreaking. and so sad! I've never heard of something like this happening. I feel so sad for her family, and friends. Sending my prayers!

  5. This is so, so sad. You and your community are in my thoughts and prayers!


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