Guest Post: Laurie from Disney 'n Diapers

Happy Tuesday ladies! I hope your week has started off wonderful. Today one of my newest blog friends, Laurie over at Disney 'n Diapers will be holding this blog of mine down. Laurie has an older son in middle school as well as a daughter that is close to Harper's age. Laurie is super creative and really values education in her children's lives. As a teacher and a mom she inspires me with how much time she invests in her kid's lives. I love following her Make-It Mondays, Water Wednesdays, Thinking Thursday and Field Trip Friday posts. One day I hope to be half as good a mom as you Laurie! Now I'll let Laurie get on with it and share some of her amazing activities with you ladies. I'll be trying these when I get home. You can bet your bottom dollar on that :P


Hey guys! I'm Laurie and I blog over at Disney 'n Diapers. I was so honored when Sara asked me if I would be interested in Guest Posting on her blog. Sara is the sweetest and our daughters are almost the same age! I've had a great time getting to know her and her family. 

Today I'm going to share with you one of our favorite sensory play activities! It's super simple and only requires 2 ingredients. That's right. TWO. For at least 10-15 minutes of play depending on the age and interest of your toddler;) I'm going to be honest and say I don't like to do things that require a ton of time and effort on my part, mostly because Savanna doesn't really stay interested in things for long periods of time! I'm sure as she gets older this will change..unless she's anything like me of course. 

The two ingredients you'll need? Cool Whip & Food Coloring. 

That's it. 

I used a muffin tin to make mixing up the cool whip with the food coloring a little easier, you could use baby food jars if you have those handy and I'm sure those would be fab also. I liked the muffin tin honestly because it gave Savanna easy access to the "paint".

I just taped some finger paint paper onto a pampers box so she had a good surface to work on. You could also use parchment paper which works good too.

I set up our paint space and then we didn't waste any time getting started!
Her big brother even joined in the fun..Pj's and all! (You try getting an 11 year old out of his jammies in the summer..)

She played for a little bit, until she realized that this particular paint was edible.

But our masterpiece at the end was pretty picasoish..
Don't ya think?!

It is now hanging in our "art gallery" in Savannas playroom. 

Some people might be concerned about the mixed messages with eating the paint, but we don't ever buy store bought paint our playdoh, I'm always finding new recipes to try to keep our play natural and clean. Not only is it better for my kids, but it's cheaper and inspires us to be creative. 

Hope you enjoyed! 
And feel free to stop over and share ways you have fun with your littles!! I'm kinda sorta obsessed with meeting other blogging Mommy's! :-D


Hearing from you ladies always make my day, so please let me know you stopped by!