Birthday Celebrations

This week we had the privilege of celebrating two very important people in our family. On Monday we celebrated Brooke's birthday. Brooke is my brother-in-law Bryan's girlfriend. Brooke and Bryan began dating back in January and we couldn't be happier. We absolutely love Brooke and she fits right in with our family. Fingers crossed that they'll be more than just girlfriend and boyfriend in the next year or so. Just sayin' (; hint, hint Bryan! To celebrate her big day we headed to Greensboro for Japanese food at Kabuto.

Yesterday we celebrated the hubs birthday. He turned 31. He's getting old people, getting old (; At the hubs request, both of our families got together and headed to Greensboro for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. The food was delicious as always and they were so nice to accommodate both of our large families!

Have a great weekend ladies! I'll be vacationing next week but I have a great group of ladies who will be holding my blog down until I return! 

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  1. This post has me dreaming of Texas Roadhouse rolls.. they are so yummy! I love both of the dresses you wore for the birthday celebrations.. so cute!


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