Weekend Recap

Good morning ladies!

This weekend came and went pretty quickly for our little family despite that we didn't really do anything too exciting. Since Kevin had to work all weekend, he'd say that was a good thing that it flew by but considering I go back to work this morning I'd say I disagree. Yes, I said that right, I'm going back to work. Back at the end of the school year I volunteered to teach summer school for two weeks to make a little extra spending money for my little family. I felt like it was weeks away from when school let out and I'd have tackled my to-do list by then. Ha what a joke. Three weeks later and I've done nothing and summer school is here. But to say I wasn't excited would be a lie. As much as I've dreaded having to return to being a working mom for the next two weeks, I am actually super excited to return to my other passion of instructing precious kiddos. There seriously is no better or rewarding profession. But that's a story for another day so back to our weekend..l

Friday morning I fixed Harp and me a pancake breakfast. We ate and played a bit then I took her to daycare to hang out with her buddies for a bit so I could run some errands. After dropping her off I made a Target run and stocked up on diapers since they were on super sale. Seriously if you didn't go this past week you missed out. You could get 4 giant boxes of Luvs for $60 or less if you had coupons! When I was done there I swung by a few education stores in search of a few items for my new classroom theme. I've been hunting for new classroom ideas since spring and finally decided on the perfect theme that works for both girls and boys...sports!  Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of luck on finding decorations or supplies so it looks like I'll be perusing online education stores for the next few weeks. But I did finally have some luck at Hobby Lobby when it came to finding something for our entry wall. Since we moved into our house four years ago I've been looking for the perfect art work or mirror to hang above a small entry table. Friday was my lucky day because I saw the most adorable rope mirror ever and it was on sale for half off. This $20 beauty came home with me! I got home shortly after lunch and immediately went to work on hanging my new mirror.

After my new mirror was hung I decided to take a few hours to myself and curl up with my Kindle which is something I haven't been able to do in a long time. Having missed it so much I got so engrossed in a book that I'd downloaded from Bookbub that I seriously read the whole thing before going to pick up Harper. Mom fail but it was honestly worth it to have a little "me time".

Kevin got home from work shortly after 6 o'clock and by 6:30 we were heading out to meet my parents and some friends downtown. The second Friday of every month our city holds a cruise in. Locals bring their antique cars up town for people to admire. Local businesses stay open longer and a concert is held at the Market Square. It's amazing. The streets were packed with people. It took us almost a solid hour to just walk two block downs the road because we ran into so many people we knew. It was like a reunion. We hit up a local cafe for some croissants and homemade vegetable soup then headed down to the Square to hear some beach music. It was the perfect Friday night in a small town.

Saturday morning Harper and I woke up bright and early. On the weekends we usually don't eat breakfast till 9:30 or 10 but since we were both hungry I decided to split a fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut with Harp to hold us over. She clearly couldn't have been more excited! 

Since Kevin was working Saturday, Harp and I headed over to my parents' house to spend the day with them. We started the day with some real breakfast at The Farner's Table, a local family restaurant we love. Harper devoured a biscuit, an egg, and a bowl of grits! She has definitely hit a growth spurt. After breakfast we headed back to my parents house where Harper spent the majority of the next few hours running around outside and climbing up and down her Nana and Papa's steps more times than I can count. Sometime after 1 o'clock we headed to Danville to have lunch at Chick-fil-a. When we got back it was shortly after 3 so Harper and I said our good-byes and took a trip to Kevin's work to surprise him on his break.

Saturday night we went to Kevin's parents' house. His parents volunteered to watch Harper so we could have a quiet dinner alone since Kevin was working all weekend. We hit up our favorite Mexican restaurant and then made a few stops before heading back to pick up our sleepy head.

Yesterday morning Harper and I got up and got ready for church. Since we were both ready earlier than usual we swung by Hardees and grabbed a few biscuits and took them to Kevin's work to have breakfast with him. We spent about an hour there before we headed to church with my family. When church was over we did our usual lunch with my side of the family and spent the afternoon reading the newspaper and chatting. Around 4 Kevin text me and said he'd welcome some more company on his last break of the day so Harper and I headed back to his work. She was in heaven because one of Kevin's coworkers was celebrating her birthday and shared some red velvet cake with her. Needless to say, she missed her afternoon nap from the sugar rush! It had to be the sugar rush or the thrill of "driving"! 

Kevin got home from work around half past 6. Knowing I'd been craving a pizza all weekend he swung by our local Pizza Hut on the way home and got my favorite. Best husband ever! We spent the evening playing with Harper then watched a little television after she went to bed. By 10 o'clock we were calling it a night! 


  1. WHEW! What a weekend! I would love to see pictures of your classroom! I don't teach but I'm planning to Tot School Savanna and I'd love some ideas on creating a good learning space. I feel you on doing something your passionate about. I love being home with my kids but I feel like I've hit a slump lately and need to get back to doing something for me! Glad to know it's not bad to feel that way! I love that picture eating the Krispy Kremes..I'm pretty sure I look just like that when I'm about to eat one!!

  2. Loving that Krispy Kreme face, lol!:) Y'all's weekend sounds jam-packed. I would be collapsing into bed by 10:00 on Sunday night too if I were you! Hoping you have a good rest of the week!

  3. Awh - your daughter is adorable! Love that mirror you got from Hobby Lobby! I think I need some new entryway decorations!! I have had the same pictures hanging for years!! New Follower :)

  4. I love the entry way mirror! My favorite part is the rope.. so unique! This post makes me miss Reidsville!


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