Guest Post: Amanda from A Sweet Simple Southern Life

Well ladies, it's Wednesday which means our vacation is halfway over. It makes me sad. Sometimes I just wish I could make time stand still. But since that isn't possible I'm going to make the most of the rest of our vacay and soak it all in with my little family. Which leaves me with my guest poster. Today my lovely friend Amanda from A Sweet Simple Southern Life is sharing a post with you ladies. Amanda happens to be one of my few blog friends that I actually know in real life. Amanda and I grew up in the same town but attended different schools. But that's the thing about life in a small town... everyone knows everyone and your lives will inevitably cross :P Amanda got engaged recently and actually made news headlines for her proposal... which happened to take place during a hurricane. How cool is that story for the future grandkids?! 


Hey y'all!  I'm so excited to be guest posting while Sara is on vacation! I know they are having a great time with that precious family of hers. I can't wait to hear about it when they get back. 

I'm Amanda from A Sweet Simple Southern Life. Sara and I share a few things in common like the fact we are from the same hometown and we both teach! I typically blog about anything and everything that happens to be going on in my world at the moment. House hunting, wedding planning, things that make me happy and most of all.. random musings that I find entertaining throughout my day. 

Speaking of random... today I thought I would share some of my confessions with y'all.. Sit tight, don't judge (I'm normal, I promise!) 

I confess.. 
It took me about 10 minutes to find a picture for this post of me by myself. I have more pictures I know what to do with of me and friends or family but none of just me. Note to self-- ask someone to start snapping pics of me to share with my blog friends. 

I confess.. 
I spend all of Novemeber until May wishing for summer and dreaming of summer outfits. Then summer gets here and all I can think about it fall! Boots, pumpkin dip, scarves, I'm ready for it all. 

I confess..
That I'm having SO much fun planning my upcoming wedding! I'm loving every minute of making my dream day come to life. But.... I also confess I have completly let the stress of it get to me one or two times, resulting in tears and thoughts of elopment. 

I confess..
This little guy fills my heart with so much happiness. Can I have him, please?!

I confess.. 
I'm tempted to NEVER buy a house again. Going through the financing process has been an absolute nightmare. We hopefully should close on our house in exactly 3 weeks. I have no intentions of going through this process again any time soon! 

I confess.. 
I let six year olds peer pressure me. Y'all.. I try so hard to eat healthy. I just started this new nanny job though where all those sugery "kid foods" are oh so present and oh so tempting. Pudding, chicken nuggets, berry crunch cereal, oreos... It's all there and I can't stay away. 

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