Christmas in July Wishlist

While this month doesn't exactly scream Christmas like it does in December, Christmas in July is right up my alley. I love watching the holiday movies all over again on Hallmark and ABC family. It makes me long for the days where I can curl up on the couch with my little family in a pair of sweatpants, with a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and a holiday movie on the television screen. I can see it now...But if I was honest, when that time gets here again, I'll be talking about how I long for the days of sunshine and summertime, tank tops and shorts, and dinners on the porch. Any of you ladies constantly wishing for the opposite weather or is it just me?

Anyways, since today technically marks "Christmas Eve" in July I thought it would be fun to put together a little wishlist per say. I've been lusting over these items over the past few months and hopefully come Christmas when I do my real Christmas wish list, I'll have already added most of these items to my closet :P But then again, that's just wishful thinking (;

Christmas in July Wishlist

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London Fog Dome Handbag- Despite not being a huge fan of the color red when it comes to my wardrobe, I am in love with this poppy colored handbag. It's the perfect late summer/ early fall color. Among that the size is perfect for both my things as well as few of Harper's. You know you mamas carry sippy cups and snacks in your purses as well (; 

Black Gloss Hunter Boots- I love, love, love these boots. I've been wanting them for over a year now and this year I have to have them. I just don't want to fork out the $100+ dollars for them. But as my coworker stated, my feet won't grow anymore in my lifetime (at least I hope not) so why not splurge. After all the black isn't trendy and I can wear them year after year in rain or snow. Right? 

Monogram Half Zip Hoodie- Hands down the perfect piece to pair with my leggings in the early fall. I can see myself wearing it every Saturday!

* Monogram Rain Jacket- I carry a coat every where I go. No lie. The problem is I don't really have any lightweight jackets so I'm thinking this would be absolutely perfect for those warm summer days that transition into cooler nights. 

* Kendra Scott Earrings- I'm beginning to fall in love with statement earrings and I think these are the perfect ones to start my new collection! 

Elephant Monogram Bracelet- I have a slight obsession with elephants. By slight I mean I only buy every other thing that I see with elephants on it. When I saw this bracelet and saw that it was also paired with my other obsession of monograms, I knew it had to be for me! 

Well that's whats on my Christmas in July wish list. What's on yours?

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  1. I've had hunter boots and a monogrammed half zip on my wishlist for over a year. Your friend made a good point with the boots though.. your feet probably wont grow anymore and unlike some other shoes that get worn out I doubt these would because of the material. Splurge=justified.. go for it! (;


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