{Weekend Recap} Kickin' Off Summer

Good afternoon lovelies! I trust you all had an amazing weekend. I know we sure did here in the Holt household. As I mentioned last week, Kevin and I spent the majority of our week recovering from a nasty bug that hit our household last weekend. It really wasn't until Friday that we finally started feeling like ourselves so we used the weekend to make up for lost time and to start our summer off with a bang!

On Friday after taking Harper to daycare Kevin and I headed out for a day date. We ate a quick lunch at home, made a Target run, then hit up a local movie theater. Kevin's been dying to see the new Transformer movie. It wasn't at the top of my must see list but I'm all for pretty cars and pleasing the hubby. The things we do for love, right?  haha But in all seriousness I really couldn't complain after he suggested we split a large Coke and popcorn. Who can complain when that offer is on the table?

Friday night Kevin and I tried out a new restaurant in our hometown with my parents. Unfortunately, I can't say it was a big hit. My parents' food looked delicious but what Kevin and I ordered just didn't hit the mark. But at least the company made up for what the food lacked. I'd like to say we'll give it a second try but I'm just not sure.

Saturday morning we started our day off with breakfast at home. It's pretty much the only meal I enjoy cooking...maybe because the clean up is so easy and it's the one thing I can cook. After breakfast was over I left Harper with the hubs and headed over to my parents' house. Mom, Dad, and I took a trip to Sam's Club. Kevin and I have started meal planning and it's easier and a lot cheaper to make a trip to Sam's once a month instead of popping in to the grocery store once a week (or every few days in my case). I arrived home shortly after lunch and swapped duties aka baby duty with the hubs so he could hit up the gym for an hour or two.

Saturday evening Kevin's mom came over to watch Harper so we could head out to see two of our friends say "I do". The wedding was at a local venue not five minutes from our house so thankfully we didn't have to go far. The wedding was held outside and it couldn't have been a more perfect day for it. Right before the ceremony began a cloud came over and provided just the amount of shade and coolness needed for what was supposed to be a super, hot rainy day. It couldn't have been nicer. We spent the better part of the evening there catching up with old friends and dancing the night away.

Sunday morning we opted to attend my church instead of making the hour journey to Kevin's family church. One of the missionary's that my church sponsors was speaking and I was looking forward to being there. He's an amazing minister and preaches by reading scripture as a narrative. It's amazing the difference in your attention span when the Bible is read as if it's a story. He uses that method to spread the gospel in Africa and I can see why it works. Church ran way over and I had no idea. Even Harper was captivated!

We did the usual Sunday lunch with my parents. We left sometime around 3 and headed home to walk the neighborhood. It was just such a beautiful day that we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get outside. Kevin walked Rimy while I strolled Harper. She loved every minute of it and we did too.

When we got back to the house we had dinner and watched a sappy love story on Hallmark. We're a sucker for those kinds of things if you can't tell by now. When it was over we decided to call it a night by making an ice cream run. It was definitely the perfect ending to an already perfect day and weekend!

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