Aly's Bachelorette Party

Tomorrow my best friend is marrying her high school sweetheart, the love of her life, and my cousin. I couldn't be more happy for Alyson and Clint.  The two have dated for what seems like forever.. who knew how long eight years feels until you look back! But I'm so happy to be a part of their big day and I've been counting the days down to the event for as long as they have. I was so fortunate to be around when the two of them started dating, when they got engaged, and now I get to stand next to them as they say their "I do's". It's a huge honor and an even bigger blessing.

Tonight Kevin and I will be heading to High Point for the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. My parents so graciously volunteered to watch Harper for us so we could enjoy the night via no baby because lets be real...it's just easier that way. Since we'll have no baby in tow, I feel like we're going on a date which doesn't happen much these days. But I'm excited to be getting dressed up and spending an evening with our family and closest friends! I'm sure we'll take a ton of pictures tonight as well as tomorrow at the wedding so I'll be sharing them with you ladies next week. But before I share the pictures of those events I feel like it's only fair that I share events from Aly's bachelorette party that I mentioned two weeks ago. 

As Alyson's matron of honor it was my job to plan all of the events for the day but thankfully since we're so much a like it wasn't that hard of a task. At noon we met at Alyson's grandparents house for a bridal luncheon. Following the luncheon, all of the bridal party headed to a local spa to prepare for the night. The spa offered a variety of packages available for the day so everyone chose what they wanted. Alyson and I opted for just having our hair styled but many of the girls went for the full works... hair, make up, nails... the whole shebang. 

Following our spa day, the bridal party and the rest of the bachelorette party attendants met at Alyson's to primp, change into our little black dresses, and wait for the limo. After the limo arrived, we took a few quick photos, and then hit the road towards Raleigh. 

On the way we passed out the party favors. I purchased stemless wine glasses and Alyson's future sister-in-law hand wrote everyone's name on them. She did such an amazing job and they were a huge hit. If you're into calligraphy and hand lettering, check out her ETSY shop. She's amazing!

Before arriving at Cafe Luna, Alyson played the "panty game". Every one purchased a pair of panties that represented themselves. They were all put into a bag and Alyson had to guess who brought which pair. She only guessed one pair correct the first round but ended up guessing everyone's correctly the second time. It made for a lot of laughs. 

Dinner at Cafe Luna was eventful to say the least. It was a quaint little restaurant in downtown Raleigh that had a very quiet atmosphere. Needless to say, us eleven girls stirred up quite a bit of ruckus as we were all talking and yelling over each other. But the wait staff were super friendly and joined right in on our shenanigans. 

We arrived back to Alyson's shortly after eleven. She opened her lingerie gifts and then some people parted ways and some people crashed at her house for the night. I was one of the crashers. This mama just can't hang anymore. By midnight I was curled up in Aly's bed and was out for the count.

Sunday morning, I got up early and fixed everyone breakfast before heading out to church. It was nice to sit around the table with bacon, eggs, and fruit talking about the night and reminiscing about old times before parting ways!

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  1. Love this!! You were so sweet to include the link to my etsy! I had a blast with you this weekend!


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