Father's Day

Nothing too exciting went down last weekend in the Holt household. To be quite honest, it was kind of nice to not have anything to do or anywhere to be. The next few weekends hold weddings and events for us so it was a nice welcome to have some down time before the big rush.

On Sunday we celebrated a very special guy in our family. Being Father's Day it was super important to me to celebrate the hubs. Kevin is an amazing husband and an even better father. He deserves the world for how hard he works for our little family. After working a twelve-hour shift at work, getting in a quick workout at the gym, he'll come home and watch Harper until midnight if necessary so I can have a break and get some things done around the house. Some days he can barely keep his eyes open but still he crawls in and out of Harper's tent, chases her around the house until she gets tired, or throws and retrieves a plastic ball a hundred times with her until she's done without ever uttering a single complaint. It melts my heart. Harper and I are both so lucky to have him in our lives. 

Since he was working Sunday morning and left before either Harper or I were up, we surprised him at work with breakfast. Instead of eating in his break room we had a mini-picnic in my car. Harp loved it and she even worked on her future driving skills (; She's getting so big so fast!

When Kevin got home Sunday afternoon he had a few surprises waiting on him. The first being a cup full of candy that Harper got for him Friday at daycare. It was filled with all types of chocolate. In addition to his cup of candy, I gave him a handwritten card and a coupon book. Kevin's by far the hardest person to buy for as he always insists he doesn't want anything. The man rarely shops for himself or spends money on anything other than movie tickets. So in came the coupon book which happened to be a huge hit! Most of the coupons were for free services though a few would cost me a a little bit. Some of my favorite coupons were for dinner of Kevin's choice, a movie night of his choice, a car wash, free trash takeout (it's the only thing I ask him to help me with each week!), and an uninterrupted nap. In addition to the twenty plus coupons in the book, I included a few blank coupons that he could write in what he wanted. Not sure if I should have done that or not. It's no telling what he'll be asking for next :P haha

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  1. Harper looks SO big! Caleb does too - our babies must have hit a growth spurt. Sounds like you guys had a good holiday weekend. Bradley is just like Kevin - really hard to buy for - so this year, I bought him a gift card to Chickfila so that he can stop there whenever he wants for the next few weeks! :)


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