Summer Bucket List

As of eleven o'clock today, I'll officially be on summer vacation. On Friday I said goodbye to twenty-three sweet little faces and I said hello to my precious little family. Over the last few weeks as the school year has come to a close I feel like I've barely invested any real time into the members of the Holt household. Sure I've fixed some quick dinners, read Harper a few books, and even went to the husband's softball games. But I haven't felt like I've really been there as my mind is always elsewhere. Needless to say, I've been looking forward to getting to spend some "real" time with my little family now that the school year is over. Lucky for Harper and I, the hubs scheduled his vacations around our summer and he'll be spending most of the summer at home with us too. Harper and I are pretty stoked about that!

Despite the fact that Kevin and I will both be home for most of the summer, we've decided to still send Harper to daycare. Harper's daycare requires us to pay for her spot regardless if she's using it or not. In order to not feel like we're wasting our money and to also keep Harper on somewhat of a routine, we'll be sending her to daycare part time, four days a week. Our goal is to let her sleep in each morning then she'll eat breakfast with us as a family. We'll take her to daycare somewhere around nine or ten then we'll pick her up shortly after her nap at two. During her time at daycare, it'll give Kevin and I some time together which I have to say I'm looking forward to. Despite the fact that we love our daughter, we love our alone time together as well. It's much needed and very missed. Our goal is to hit the gym together after we drop her off and then have a little day date... maybe catch an early movie, bowl a game or two, or work on some home projects together.

In our anticipation for summer we created a little bucket list for some things we hope to accomplish between now and August 19th when I have to return back to work.

1. Take Harper to the Natural Science Center
2. Take Harper to the Zoo
3. Take Harper to the Children's Museum
4. Hit up the pool
5. Get ice cream... lots of ice cream!
6. Take a trip to Ikea (it happens to be over 2 hours away from where we live!)
7. Go bowling
8. Host another game night at our home
9. Go to a ball game
10. Watch fireworks
11. Head to the lake for a weekend
12. Organize our home (it's been my goal for three years now... we'll see if it happens!)
13. Finish Harper's playroom
14. Eat dinner on the patio

That's it for now. I'm sure the list is going to grow longer as we go but I couldn't be more excited about marking things off and making more memories with the hubs and our little girl!

Happy summer everyone! 

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  1. Happy Summer! Hope you guys get to accomplish all of the fun things on your bucket list!:)


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