{Weekend Recap} Aly's Wedding

Well ladies, I'm here. Barely. It's been a rough few days here in the Holt household. Last Thursday night I came down with a nasty bug and Kevin caught it right after. It couldn't have happened at a worst time with my best friend getting married this past weekend but we pushed through the events and made it. The last few days we've done nothing but lay around the house as the two of us still have no energy. It stinks and is definitely not how I planned to kick off my summer but oh well... In an effort to actually do something today I decided to share some details and pictures from this weekend and the wedding!

Friday morning I woke up still feeling sick as a dog but my Dad saved the day like a knight in shining armor by bringing over some ginger ale and some medicine. After indulging in both and taking quite possibly the longest shower possible, I managed to muster up enough energy to meet Clint, Aly, and Aly's parents at the nail salon to get a pedicure, manicure, and eye-brow wax in preparation for the big day. Thankfully the reclining massage chair, foot massage, and excitement from the events helped me get through the morning. After parting ways, I headed home for another nap but not before meeting a coworker of mine to pick up another Initial Outfitters necklace that I had ordered from her. How cute is this?! I had it engraved with Harp's initials. When she gets older I plan to give her the monogram charm on a necklace and I'll wear only the pendant. The best part of all...it was free thanks to a gift certificate from a lovely student!

Friday night Kevin and I got all dressed up and headed to the Grandover Resort for the wedding rehearsal. It was quick and to the point, just the way we like it. After practice was over, we headed over to the String and Splinter for the rehearsal dinner. Kevin and I had never been there before but we were quite impressed. The atmosphere was a bit fancier than we were used to but it was just right for the occasion. The food was to die for and that's saying something considering I still felt sick but couldn't put my fork down!

We spent the better part of the evening there. Following dinner, Alyson and Clint opened the floor for friends and family to share stories about the two of them. Several people spoke and every speech had us laughing. When the speeches were over, Alyson and Clint passed out our wedding favors. Hands down they gave the coolest gifts ever! Converse sneakers since we were "Allstars" in their lives!

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early feeling much better than expected. I packed up my bags, laid out Kevin and Harper's clothes, and hit the road to High Point. At noon we had our hair done, pictures followed at 3:30, and then it was a waiting game until the wedding began at 5:30.

When the wedding was over and we'd taken our pictures, I was anxious to get out to cocktail hour to see my little family that I hadn't seen all day. As I hugged and kissed all over Harper my mom asked me if Kevin had told me he was sick. Immediately I was like "what?!". Apparently he'd gotten sick around noon but had managed to get up enough energy to get Harper and himself ready, go to another friend's wedding at 4, then Alyson's wedding at 5:30... all with a smile pasted on his face. My husband is truly amazing yall! After closer inspection I could see he could barely hold it together. So I sent him to our room, told him I'd check on him later, and reassured him that I'd be fine with Harper because Mom and Dad were there to help me. Only my dad got sick not thirty minutes later which forced them to leave right away. But thankfully they volunteered to take Harper home with them and drop her off at my in-laws house so Kevin and I could have some time together.

Since Kevin still wasn't feeling his best, I left him in the room and headed back down to the party to catch up with some friends for a few hours until he could come back and join me. Thankfully after a little nap and a cold glass of Coke he was feeling much better and came back to join in on the fun. We managed to get in a few dances and even made it until the very last dance. 

By the time the party was over, Kevin decided he was hungry so we changed into some bum clothes and did what we used to do when I was in college. We hit up Steak and Shake at 1 in the morning. Just like old times!

Kevin and I planned on sleeping as late as possible Sunday morning since it was the first time the both of us were away from Harper. Only our bodies didn't get that memo. By 8:30 we were both bright eyed and bushy-tailed so we spent the rest of our time there admiring the view, laying around talking, and watching tv. 

After checking out of the hotel, we hit up a local Japanese place and had a lunch date just the two of us before heading home. It was the perfect way to end our little time together.

By the time we arrived home we were super excited to see our girl. Harper welcomed us with a huge smile and wanted to play right away. So the rest of our Sunday was spent doing just that. We read books, played in her tent, went up and down the stairs a hundred times, and blew more bubbles than I could count. But I wouldn't have had it any other way.


  1. So glad you guys are feeling better now! And so impressed that you were able to pull it together for the wedding - you are definitely a good friend, sweet girl:)

  2. Aww I can't believe everyone got sick! That sucks but glad you guys still had a good time.


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