{Link Up} Things From This Week

Happy Friday, girls! I don't know about you but I sure am happy that Friday is here. I've got five things to share from our week and about our upcoming weekend, so let's get the ball rolling shall we? But first, if you didn't catch any of my posts from earlier this week, you can catch them here, here, and here

1. A Much Needed Haircut
If you caught yesterday's post about Harper's first haircut, you might have also noticed that I got one as well. After spending way too much time trying to tame my mane each day, I finally decided to just chop most of it off. So after getting the go ahead from some of my best girls, I had nearly seven inches chopped off. And all I can say is, I'm in love! It's nice to not have to spend 45 minutes every morning trying to straighten all my natural waves!

2. Monogrammed Rain Jacket
After lusting after the Charles River monogrammed rain jackets, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased one off of Etsy from this shop. I figured it was just what my wardrobe needed for our upcoming trip to Charleston. After all, it rains a lot there so it was more of a need than a want (; Or so the husband was told! I kid, I kid. 

3. Sweet Treats
Yesterday my school did a fundraiser at a local yogurt shoppe. We do it several times a year and I don't often get to go as it starts later in the evening. But yesterday I had an hour to kill so I found myself standing in line with a waffle bowl, alpine vanilla yogurt, & way too many sprinkles! As I stared at my yogurt, I couldn't help but feel like I was 12 but these three ingredients are all I need (:

4. Sweet Gestures & Fleeting Moments 
Last night after my school's intramural volleyball game ended, Kevin and I decided to grab dinner at a local pizza parlor. As our food was brought out and sat on the table, the man asked us if we had seen the couple sitting in the corner. He informed us that they had paid for our entire dinner because we reminded them of themselves twenty years ago. Because twenty years ago they too had a daughter whose now all grown up. All they asked was that twenty years from now, we look on another young couple and do the same thing. Their generosity meant so much but the fact that they wanted to remind us of these fleeting moments meant so much more. 

5. Upcoming Weekend 
Kevin and I have a fun and exciting weekend ahead of us. We'll be looking at a house, going to a school function, catching dinner and a movie, and I even have a girl's day planned. Weekends like that are the ones I long for!

Hope your weekends are filled with family, friends, fun, and excitement! See you next week for the usual weekend recap (:


  1. Love the haircut and the rain jacket - a necessity for sure;) Sprinkles are the very best topping for vanilla ice cream. And that sweet story about that couple paying for your dinner brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing thing to do! Love it.

  2. Can't believe our babies are growing up so fast! Love your updates on Harper, especially since she and Ava are the exact same age! Have a great weekend!


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