{Weekend Recap} Birthday Celebrations

Last Friday was my birthday. For those of you wondering, I turned 26. Unlike some people, I'm not one to make my birthday a week long affair because it's just another day in reality (though I'm not dissing people who celebrate all week...that's their perogative). But thanks to some of my amazing friends and family, my usual one day celebration became a weekend all about me. And after the last few weeks I've had, it actually felt great to be given so much love and attention by those closest to me. It really puts things into perspective and made me realize who are the important people in my life and who aren't. Ya know? But back to my birthday... sorry to get so sappy. I just get a little emotional with how blessed I really am. So often I forget...

On Friday, I got to start my birthday off with a delay at work due to the potential threat of black ice. In a nutshell, that meant an extra hour of sleep for this girl and who doesn't want to start off their birthday with extra sleep?! After dropping Harper off at daycare an hour or so later than usual, I headed in to work. When I got there my lovely coworker, Elizabeth, had brought me a gravy biscuit, home fries, and a nice ice cold Coke from one of my favorite breakfast spots from the other side of town. It was the cherry on top for my morning.

But that wasn't the end of it, because at lunch, as all of my teammates and I gathered around our teacher table, they broke out some yummy cupcakes and a birthday card complete with a gift card to Old Navy/ Gap/ Banana Republic (which I may or may not have already used to purchase two of these and Harper a pair of these). These lovely ladies know me so well!

To end my birthday, my in laws came to the house to watch Harper while Kevin and I headed to Olive Garden for dinner with some of our closest friends. One couple of which, had just announced that they were expecting, so we could not have been more excited to catch up with them and to hear all about how their pregnancy was progressing. And after hearing all of it, I can't help but say, Kevin and my baby fever grew even larger... if that was even possible :P

On Saturday Kevin had to work so Harper and I spent the morning sleeping in. By the time we woke up and got ready, it was time for Kevin's breakfast break so we loaded up the car and headed out to meet him. As his break was nearing to a close, my dad called wanting Harper and I to meet him and my mom for brunch...compliments of him of course (;. So in typical Saturday fashion, we headed to meet them at Farmer's Table, one of our favorite breakfast stops. And we may or may not have been dressed as total bums :P

By the time Harper and I returned home it was nap time so I put Harper to bed. However, she wasn't hearing any of it so after an hour of hearing her kick her bed or scream her head off, I caved and headed up to her room to get her. Of course, as I opened the door, I was greeted by a little cutie that had heavy eyelids and a huge smile on her face. I was totally played. So I took her out of her bed and headed for her rocking chair. Not thirty seconds into a rhythm, she was snoring in my arms. Instead of putting her down, I cherished the moment and spent the next two and a half hours just rocking her and soaking up that moment. Because just that day she turned 22 months old and it only seemed like yesterday that I was rocking her and she was two weeks old. Time has truly flown by so quickly.

When Kevin got home from a twelve hour shift at work, my parents came over and offered to keep Harper so Kevin and I could enjoy dinner out with my sister and brother in law. So while Harper hung out with my Mom and Dad, we grubbed on some steaks from one of my favorites, Texas Roadhouse. And of course, no trip there is complete without popping into the Target next door (; Who can say no to Target? Or this adorable bathing suit I found making it's way to my cart!

Sunday morning, Kevin had to head in yet again for another 12 hour shift at work. So has become the norm for the Holt household. So while he worked, I got up early to get ready for church and do some things around the house. Harper ended up sleeping in later than usual which definitely helped considering we'd lost an hour of sleep but more importantly, an hour of time I needed to tackle some much needed house chores. So I was definitely thanking the good Lord above.

Before heading to church, Harper and I met Kevin for breakfast. And of course, after the church service, Harper and I headed over to my parents' house for lunch with the family and my friend Brittni, who has become a permanent fixture during our Sunday lunches. Mom and Dad have just adopted her as their own (; We ended up spending most of the day there. We all sat around and chatted, brainstormed our itenerary for our upcoming trip to Charleston, and Brittni and I even took my brother's new convertible for a spin! Good thing it's insured (; haha And while we're on that topic, as Brittni and I were fixing to go for a ride, Harper ran to her carseat that was sitting in my parents' floor and kept pointing back and forth outside to Andrew's car and my Dad, saying "car, car". A clear indication she wanted to ride too. It was precious!

By the time we did end up leaving, it was sometime after 4 and Harper was way past the point of naptime. But since she was going strong, we decided to head to Belk to do some shopping with Brittni or B as Harper calls her. Usually I drive but Brittni offered to this round so we popped Harper's car seat over and I'd say she was in heaven. She laid back with her hand behind her head and her ankles crossed and looked like quite the little grown up. Be still my heart.... After grabbing these and these, we headed home with some Cook Out trays in tow. 

It couldn't have been a more perfect birthday weekend or a more perfect weekend for that matter! Here's to hoping the next one is just as sweet (:


  1. So glad you had a good birthday weekend, sweet friend, and felt so loved by the people in your life! That's the best feeling in the world. Happy belated birthday! Hope 26 is your best year yet!:)

  2. Happy belated Birthday!! You sounds just like my husband with the whole "it's just another day...." ha ha! Well thank heavens for that day because this world wouldn't be the same if you weren't ever born! So glad you had a perfect weekend of celebrating with people you love!

  3. I'm so glad that you had an excellent birthday weekend! I hope 26 treats you well!

  4. Those elephant shorts are adorable and I love those pants! I have them in burgundy and they are so comfy!


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