Dining Room Chair Update

Happy Monday, ladies! I don't have much of a weekend recap for you all today. Thanks to the snow from last week, I had an extra long weekend. Most of it was spent at home doing some spring cleaning, tackling some project or another, or soaking up some time as a family. All in all it wasn't a bad weekend, just one I doubt you guys would be interested in reading about.

But I wanted to pop in and wish you all a great start to the week. I also wanted to send a thank you out to those of you who offered your opinions in my dining room chair dilemma post from last Friday. Saturday night after getting home from my nephew's birthday dinner at PF Changs, I decided to put together the four chairs sitting in my foyer. After doing so, my mind was made up. The chairs were definitely keepers! Now I just need two more. Go figure... they're currently sold out. But thanks to some much needed assurance from a Target customer service rep, they will soon be back in stock and hopefully be completing my dining room in no time!

Aren't they pretty?! (Sorry, part of the table is cut out... that side doesn't have chairs yet :X haha)

Well, I'm off! Check back tomorrow to see what we did on one of our snow days (:

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