{Weekend Recap} The Perfect Weekend

Happy Wednesday, girls! I know I'm quite a few days late with this weekend recap but after the most perfect weekend ever, I was in denial that it had came to an end. Because seriously y'all, our weekend was THAT good! Weekends like this past one are hard to come by and it makes me sad to watch them go...I can only hope next weekend is half as good as this past one!

Friday after work I headed home with the intention of cleaning our house and tackling the laundry. But after the long week I had, I decided to change my plans and spend an hour curled up on the couch with a book before picking up Harper from daycare. I felt a bit guilty that I should have been using my time more wisely but sometimes a girl just needs a break. And it's not often the house is empty and quiet so I decided to take full advantage of the rare occasion. 

After picking up Harper from daycare, my friend Brittni came by to help me make some decisions on some house projects we've got going on. Harper was absolutely thrilled that "B" had came by as I'm pretty sure she's her favorite person in the world. So when the decisions were done, Harper and B played while I tidied up the main living areas before we all headed to meet my parents for our usual Friday night dinner.

After returning home from dinner, Kevin put Harper to bed, and we stayed up long enough to catch the tail end of the UNC vs VA basketball game. It was all I could do to hold my eyes open but to watch our Tarheels win and advance to the championship was worth the lost sleep!

Saturday morning, Kevin and I were up bright and early to go view a house that recently came on the market in a nearby neighborhood. We loved the layout of the house but it was missing some of the must haves on our final house wish list so it's safe to say, we'll be staying put where we're at for a while longer. Though Harper may be a bit disappointed as it was obvious she loved the place; but then again, it may have just been all the toys that were in the house that attracted her the most (; After our house showing, we grabbed breakfast at a local diner; something that's rare these days as our weekend breakfasts with Kevin always take place in the car at his work. It was definitely a nice change of scenery that's for sure. 

When we finished up with breakfast, we headed to one of our local schools to "Catch the Reading Bug". An event hosted by our school system to encourage and promote literacy. The event included free books, author signings, crafts, and book character costumes so I was pretty sure Harper would have a blast. Unfortunately, Harper didn't make it because when we got there we noticed she was conked out and if there's one thing we've learned as parents, it's that you never wake a sleeping baby (; So in the end, we just headed over to my parents' house so Harper could finish out her nap and we could hang out with them.

Later in the afternoon, Kevin and I took Harper to his parents' house so we could have an evening to ourselves. We ended up heading to Greensboro where we did a little shopping and I grabbed a few new spring tops, some new shoes, and one too many pairs of statement earrings (more on my new purchases later!). After visiting several shops, we decided to head over to Burger Warfare, a new restaurant in town, and grab a bite to eat. The restaurant theme is a mix of Transformers meet Call of Duty but it was really neat looking and the food was amazing. If you live in the triad, do yourself a favor and go NOW! We'll definitely be heading back again soon.

Our original plan was to go see our Tarheels play in the ACC championship game after dinner. One of Kevin's friends had gotten us two tickets on the fourth row and we were super excited to be sitting so close. But after finding out we were going, some of Kevin's family wanted to go as well so we gave up our tickets in hopes of finding five tickets together. Sadly, that didn't happen and we ended up not being able to find any more tickets at all. We were bummed but instead made the most of our night by going to see the new Cinderella movie instead. It wasn't nearly as fun as being at the game cheering on our Heels, but after seeing that Carolina lost, I'm kind of relieved we ended up only spending $20 for a movie instead of $300 for the game! It was a loss this money saving mama could swallow after all!

After running around all day on Saturday, we opted to skip church Sunday morning and spend the day at home together as a family. On top of that, a friend of mine was coming by to see some of the changes we've made to our home here lately and with her visit, I knew we'd be pressing time to get to church. 

But we did end up heading over to my parents house with Brittni or "B" in tow for the usual Sunday lunch. But unlike most Sundays, Brittni and I didn't end up hanging around after our plates were cleared because we had to attend an Initial Outfitters "Blingo" party. Because let's be real friends, who doesn't love Bingo and winning free bling?! In the end, Brittni won something and I didn't but I still ended up getting 25% off an order and free shipping, so that was okay by me (:

The rest of our evening was spent at home. While Kevin and Harper got some bonding time in, I cleaned up the house and tackled the mounds of laundry. At dinner, we threw a pizza in the oven and caught up on old episodes of Impractical Jokers. Before I knew it, it was 9 o'clock and the weekend was over....


  1. That picture of them lounging on the couch is so cute! And that mom guilt really can ruin you time!!! Don't feel guilty though, it is important to take advantage of those times!

  2. That picture of them lounging on the couch is so cute! And that mom guilt really can ruin you time!!! Don't feel guilty though, it is important to take advantage of those times!


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