{Weekend Recap} The Weekend of Parties

Our weekend was filled with a whirlwind of activities. From tackling two birthday parties, a trip to the Children's Museum, shopping for some spring items, redecorating our dining room, and sprucing up the kitchen... it was a crazy, busy weekend. But oh how much fun we had! Let me just warn you... be prepared for a picture overload (;

On Friday after work, Harper and I headed to Greensboro to hunt for a few items for the house. On my list were flowers, a new table runner, and a spring rug for our entry way. And lucky enough, I was able to cross off all three items on my list within an hour and a half thanks to a trip to Homegoods, Hobby Lobby, and Pier 1. Unfortunately, I also added a few other things to my list since I couldn't decide between a few items but so the story usually goes (; 

After our shopping adventures Harper and I headed over to the Greensboro Children's Museum to meet up with Kevin for a birthday party. Owen, one of Harper's classmates from daycare, was celebrating his second birthday. His party was Mickey Mouse themed so Harper was in heaven. After devouring a slice of pizza Harper was all ready to play so the next hour and a half flew by what with chasing her around the place and all. I'm not quite sure who was the tiredest when the party was all said and done... but my money would be on Kevin and me. 

Saturday morning Harper and I met up with my parents for breakfast. Afterwards, we headed to Danville with my sister so I could return a few of the items I had purchased the night before. Buyers remorse and all :/ Anyone else do that?!

When Kevin got home from work Saturday evening, we headed over to my parents' house to grab a few things I wanted to borrow for our dining room table settings. Since Mom and Dad were about to ride out for dinner when we arrived, we decided to tag along and ended up making our way to Ruby Tuesday for a steak dinner. After which, I made my dad swing me by a local market to pick up some fresh tulips to brighten up our kitchen. Aren't they gorgeous?!

Sunday morning Harper and I slept in which had me rushing around the house like a mad woman trying to get ready to visit Kevin at breakfast on Sunday morning. Whoops. We were only ten minutes late which was about fifty minutes sooner than I thought we would be (; haha After breakfast, we swung back by the house to put on our Sunday best and then made our way to church with the family. And of course, church was followed with the usual lunch date at my parents' house.

Following lunch, Harper and I headed to another birthday party. Kevin's best friend's son was turning two and was having a Thomas the Train party. Stacey did such a great job with all of the decor. You should pop over to her blog and check out the full details here. She's seriously amazing. I tell her all the time she needs to be a party planner but I don't think I'll ever convince her to leave teaching!

We spent most of the evening at Brian and Stacey's. By the time we got home, we barely beat Kevin from his twelve hour long shift at work. Since we were both exhausted and Harper hadn't had a nap, we called in some Japanese take out and spent the rest of the evening relaxing on the couch and watching some basketball. Which is a perfectly acceptable way to end a weekend in my book (:

Hoping your weekends were filled with just as much fun. Check back tomorrow for our dining room reveal!


  1. That picture of Harper with the baby doll at the Children's Museum has my heart in a pile of mush. So, so sweet! She will be a great big sister one day:) Still loving your table runners. Great find, Mama! It's so fun decorating for spring, isn't it? After Christmas, everything seems kind of barren until spring comes around and we can buy flowers and spring things!!!:)

  2. Just found your blog and love it; your little family is adorable! I love those gold polka dots. Those tulips are the perfect spring addition! You guys packed so much fun into one weekend!

  3. so many parties (and fun times!) ps. my favorite blog post to read are the ones that start with "..be ready for a picture overload". haha love it!


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