{Weekend Recap} Easter Egg Hunts & Home Shows

Happy Monday, girls! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Friday was payday for this girl so to start off my weekend I headed over to Walmart to pick up those galvanized serving pieces I mentioned in Friday's post. However, after spending five minutes trying to debate which pieces I needed and which pieces I didn't, I ended up walking away without purchasing any because I just couldn't decide between all they had to offer. Any of you ladies ever do that? Please tell me I'm not the only one...

After leaving Walmart empty handed, I headed over to a local nail salon to treat myself to a pedicure with a coworker. My poor feet haven't seen a pedicure since last summer so some grooming was definitely in order before I could bust out the sandals this week on our vacation. And I have to say, the end result was pretty amazing! I can't stop staring at my perfectly polished feet. I'm definitely thinking my coworker and I need to make this an every payday sort of thing (;

We ended our Friday night as we always do. When Kevin got home from work, we all piled into the car and headed to meet my parents and cousin at a local pizza joint. Having had pizza the night before, Kevin and I decided to try out something different and thank the good Lord that we did. We tried out the restaurant's steak and cheese calzone and it was AMAZING. We'll definitely be going back and ordering another one again. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmmm.

Saturday morning Harper slept in which allowed me time to get ready and tidy up the house a bit. When my parents arrived at our house with breakfast in tow, Harper decided to wake up. It was nearly 10 o'clock. Yes, I'm as shocked as you ladies are. She never sleeps that late but there's a first for everything.

After breakfast was done, I got Harper dressed and we headed to Kevin's work for their annual Easter Egg Hunt and Family Cookout. Last year Harper was too young to participate so this year we decided to try it out. Sadly, Harper didn't find any eggs as all the older kids had snatched them up in no time but she still had fun running around the place and that's all that matters. After finishing up the Easter Egg hunt, we headed into the plant and got to sneak a peek at what Kevin does for a living. I've never seen the actual behind the scenes work that takes place at Ball before so I was as fascinated as Harper was to see Kevin in his element. And how much does he look like a doctor with his little white coat and glasses?!

When we finished up our lunch with Kevin, Harper and I headed to Greensboro with my parents for the annual Southern Ideal Home Show. Each year my mom's work participates in the event so she always ends up with extra tickets. However this was the first year  I've ever tagged along. And after going, I will never not go again! While there I saw so many neat ideas for our home. I literally have almost maxed out my phone's photo storage thanks to all of the pictures I took of various things at the event. Trust me when I say you'll be seeing some new projects heading our way to the Holt household. After telling Kevin all about my inspiration and the things I'd like to do at our home, I'm pretty sure he's going to say I can never go back. My free ticket is going to cost him quite a bit in the end! haha Here's a look at a few of my favorite spaces. 

Yesterday was our typical Sunday. Harper and I took Kevin breakfast since he was working, ran back home to change for church right after, and then met the family at church. Of course, church was followed with the usual lunch at Mom and Dad's with my friend Brittni in tow. After hanging around Mom and Dad's for a while, Brittni and I headed out to do a little shopping... mainly for our upcoming vacations that'll take place this week.

When Kevin got home from work, we met up with his brother and his brother's girlfriend for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. When we got home Harper informed us it was time for "night, night". While Kevin put her to bed, I headed to the laundry room to finish up washing a few loads of clothes only to discover we had a major problem. Our washer wasn't working. After slightly panicking at the thought of having to fork out $1,000 for a new washer, I called my brother for advice. Five minutes later he showed up at my house to the rescue. After a little engineering, he had it up and running. Thank God I have a brother who can literally do anything. He comes to my rescue more times than I'd like to admit! But what else are brothers for (:

Have a fabulous week ladies!

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  1. Glad your washer is up and working - that would have been a real bummer:( I frequently find myself overwhelmed in stores with looking at things I like and then not knowing which to get - and end up leaving with nothing. I usually can go back at a later time after I've had a bit to think it through and narrow it down, but sometimes in the heat of the moment in the store, it just feels like too much pressure, lol!:) Loving the pictures you took - that bedroom is to die for!


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