{Weekend Recap} Easter 2015

Happy Monday, girls! Like most of you ladies, our weekend was filled with Easter festivities. This year Harper was all into the holiday and watching her soak up every minute of it made this mama's heart swell larger than I thought possible. When parents say having kids make the holidays more fun, they aren't lying.

Having returned home from our vacation late Friday night, Harper and I planned to sleep in Saturday morning. However, at 8am, my doorbell was ringing and my parents were standing there baring breakfast. On most occasions, I wouldn't be too much of a happy camper with that abrupt wake up call but the smell of some fresh baked biscuits sure did sooth my temperament (;

After breakfast was devoured and the kitchen cleaned up, my parents headed out to run their errands. Leaving Harper and I time to get dressed and ready to take the hubby some lunch at work. We were a bit late getting there so we just made a quick stop at McDonald's for some cheeseburgers and fries. Which was a-okay with this mama. I can never pass up an order of McDonald's french fries!

Saturday afternoon, Harper and I headed over to my church for their annual Easter egg hunt. I wasn't sure how Harper would do since Harper hadn't really had the opportunity to hunt for eggs. As you might remember, we took her Easter egg hunting last weekend but all the bigger kids snatched them up before she ever had a chance. Yet, Harper surprised me. As soon as she spotted the eggs, she went straight for them and tossed them in her little monogrammed basket. Watching her run around like a crazy person with a huge grin on her face filled my heart with joy.

Kevin had to work again on Sunday so Harper and I began our morning by joining him for breakfast at work. When breakfast was over, we rushed home to change into our new Easter dresses then headed to church for the early service. While at church I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of this cutie out by one of our blossoming trees.

Sunday afternoon was filled with the usual Sunday lunch at my parents' house. Harper was ecstatic to see that the Easter bunny had left her a few goodies at Nana and Papa's house. The only problem was she was so excited about her new goodies that she refused to sit down and eat lunch so our usual relaxed lunch was filled with a screaming toddler in the middle of a temper tantrum. Definitely not the highlight of our weekend.

Since Kevin had to work on Sunday, I kept Harper's Easter goodies hidden until he arrived home so he could witness her reaction to her "presents". And thank goodness that I did because she was so excited. And can I just add that yet again, the first thing she headed to was her new shoes (; A girl after her mama's own heart!

After the goodies were opened and put together, we headed over to my in-laws for an Easter Egg hunt and dinner. After hearing how much Harper loved hunting Easter eggs my mother in law ran out to the store and bought some just so Harper could enjoy her own private little hunt at their house. How spoiled our child is (; By the time Harper finished it was cold and getting dark, so we all headed in to devour some of my mother-in-law's delicious lasagna!

When supper was over, the guys headed out to see the seventh Fast and Furious movie while I headed home with my brother-in-law's girlfriend to start making some diy pillow covers for our living room. Here's a little sneak peek of how they're turning out. Don't you just love them?!

Hope your weeks go wonderfully!


  1. How cute are y'all in your Easter dresses?! Such a fun time to have a little one! Happy Easter!

    Chrissy @ Everyday with the Jays

  2. McDonalds French fries are such a weekness! Harper is so adorable on her Easter egg hunt and posing with her little shopping cart! Love that your Easter dresses coordinated!

  3. So, that little outfit that Harper is wearing in those last few pictures - the peach bow-back top with the jeans and coordinating sandals? Yeah. I would so wear that. SO stinking cute! And your Easter dress was amazing too, Mama! Where in the world did you find it? The color is everything! So glad you guys had a good Easter, even though Kevin had to work:( I was actually super surprised that Easter ended up on a weekend that B was off. Good timing for once, lol!:)


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