{Weekend Recap} Lazy Days & Fun with Friends

Happy Monday, girls! I hope your weekends went by fabulously. Our weekend here in the Holt household was pretty low key. Friday we were supposed to have family pictures but with the chance of rain on the radar, we postponed them until Saturday. So Kevin and I opted to head to Lowe's Home Improvement instead to look at flooring yet again. After searching high and low for wood flooring for downstairs we chose an option we loved last week only to get it home and decide we hated it. Which put us  back at square one looking at totally different options than we'd originally thought we wanted. So is life sometimes.

Saturday morning, we headed to some other flooring places looking for another suitable option. Having found nothing, we headed back to Lowe's for the fifth time in a week and ordered the option we liked best out of the choices they had from the prior day. Let's pray it works out because at this point, I could rip my hair out at the thought of looking at more floor options. I seriously almost had a mental breakdown when we got to the car and may or may not have had a minor fit where I said at this point I didn't care whether we ever changed our floors or not. ha ha

Thankfully my poor attitude lifted after a visit with the in-laws and a quick lunch at Short Sugars with the family and my friend Brittni. The remainder of the afternoon was spent doing some cleaning, reading a book, and then getting ready for our family pictures. Which I might add, Harper was a total ham in. She did amazing at our photo session! I can't wait to share some of the sneak peeks  later this week. Following our family pictures, we headed to Greensboro and ended the evening with some family and friends at Texas Roadhouse. By the time we left the restaurant it was after 10 o'clock! We had seriously spent over 2 hours laughing and cutting up and having way too much fun! But sometimes that's just what life needs.

Sunday morning we woke up to clouds and drizzle. Not the best way to start the last day of the weekend. To top it off, Harper's eyes were matted shut and her little nose wouldn't stop dripping. So instead of going to church, we decided a morning at home was in order. Though I'm not going to lie, I felt extremely guilty to have skipped church for two weeks in a row. I vow to go next Sunday! 

We spent our day at home being lazy. We enjoyed lunch on the patio while the rain held off. Then we made our way back to our bedroom to cuddle in bed and watch Cars, Harper's new favorite movie. When she refused to nap after the movie, we decided to give up the fight and take a much needed trip to the grocery store. 

To top off our evening, we had some friends and family over for a taco night and watched Horrible Bosses 2. If you haven't seen it, it's hilarious! Though, I'll admit the language is a bit over the top with inappropriateness so be warned. But it's definitely a great movie if you need a good laugh. 

Here's to hoping you ladies have a great week!

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  1. Lazy weekends are the best! Haha we had a similar meal – Make your own nachos but make your own anything Mexican always works for me!


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