{Weekend Recap} A Weekend of House Projects

Happy Tuesday, girls! I hope your weekends went well. Our weekend was pretty much filled with one home project or another but we still managed to cram in a little fun each day along the way.

On Friday after work I headed home to get in a little alone time with the hubs. These days, being able to just get thirty minutes of uninterrupted talking time, is pretty much a miracle. Kevin and I used our time to catch up, regroup, and discuss some of the projects we've got coming up here in the Holt household before heading out to pick up our girl and head down town to meet up with my parents for the monthly car show. Every second Friday in April-September, our town holds a classic car show for locals and it's always fun to meander through the streets looking at cars past, grabbing snacks from street vendors, and just enjoying time outdoors as a family.

Since a sudden onset of rain cut our evening short downtown, we ended our night with a movie at home with some of our friends and family. & Can I just say, we are beyond blessed to have friends and family who will drop everything to come hang out with us on short notice! Best friends and family ever!

On Saturday Kevin and I were up bright and early. We kicked off our morning with fresh sausage biscuits at my parents' house. After helping Mom clean up, we rolled out with Dad's truck and headed to Lowe's to pick up 50 bags of mulch for our front yard. Sadly, that wasn't enough and we were back again for 50 more! Might I add... that only covered our front yard :/ Eeek...

Saturday afternoon, Kevin, Harper and I headed to Greensboro to pick out hardwood flooring for downstairs and some new tile for our half bath. After three failed attempts to find anything we liked, we gave up and decided to grab dinner at Kabuto, a local Japanese restaurant. Following dinner, we headed to a few shops in search of items for our new mudroom area & thankfully, that search went much better. We were able to find quite a few things for our new little space that I can't wait to get started on this week.

Sunday morning, we were up again bright and early to head back to Lowes for more mulch. While there we took another look at the hardwood flooring and tile and finally narrowed down the hardwood flooring to three different options and even changed our minds completely on the bathroom tile!  Now to just make the final decisions... But since that took most of our morning, we ended up not making it to church and just headed on over to my parents' house for lunch.

When lunch was over we headed back home and spent the remainder of the day cleaning out closets and straightening up the house. At dinner I whipped up some baked spaghetti and called up some of the family to come help us eat. Then after the dishes were cleared we headed outside and took turns pushing Harper up and down the driveway in her little cub car until it got dark.

All in all, it might not have been the most fun we've had on a weekend but now that it's over, I'm so thankful we accomplished several of the things on our spring to-do list and got to spend time with those that mean the most to us. & don't you agree that our front yard looks gorgeous?!


  1. It looks beautiful! I love your home! Such a productful weekend you guys had. My husband and I just bought a fixer upper and I am so overwhelmed by all that needs to get done. I think I just need to tackle one thing each weekend! haha

  2. What a beautiful home! Can't wait to see more of your projects :) And it is such a blessing to have sweet friends and family nearby! Both of our families live four hours away, so we've had to "adopt" new parents, ha!


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