{Five on Friday} Tidbits from the Week

Happy Friday, girls! It's been a while. Every time I seem to get back on the roll of blogging something comes up. Here lately we've been wrapping up some projects at the house, prepping for Harper's 2nd birthday party that will take place next weekend, & I've been planning a bridal shower for one of my lifelong best friends that will take place the day after Harper's party. & yes, I question what I was thinking in planning to host two events in one weekend! Needless to say, our days and nights have been filled with lots of chaos and craziness. But it makes for some great times and memories. But enough about that. I'll get right on to this Five on Friday post to share a few things that have been happening this week.

1. A Big Girl Potty
Back in the fall, my mom purchased Harper a big girl potty. I had all intentions of sitting it out for her to get used to but quite honestly, once it went in the bathroom cabinet, I just simply forgot about it. Then one day this week as Harper was tearing out things, she spotted it. So out it went. We sat it up in Harper's bathroom and now whenever she takes a bath, brushes her teeth, or just simply wanders in the bathroom she has to sit on it. So I can see potty training taking place in our very near future. Any of you ladies have any tips and tricks you can offer on potty training girls before we embark on this adventure?

2. Picture Sneak Peeks
As promised in my weekend recap, here are just a few sneak peeks from our family photos that were taken last Saturday. I can not wait to show the rest.

3. Burger Warfare
Back in March, Kevin and I tried out a new restaurant in Greensboro called Burger Warfare. It's a restaurant with a military slash robot kind of theme. It's definitely geared towards boys but the food is to die for and has simply became one of my favorite hamburger joints around. Last night, we met up with Kevin's brother and his girlfriend for dinner there and it made my evening!

4. A Minor Hiccup + My Hero
Every year, after my third grade students study economics, I have my class create a popcorn factory. They apply for a job in the factory, create an assembly line in which they pop, bag, price, and sort popcorn and then send it to our class store. From there my students set up a class shop and sell drinks and popcorn to our entire school. We've done this for the last three years and it's gone by without a hitch...until this year. Yesterday as a coworker was popping the popcorn, our school's popcorn machine broke. After a minor panic attack, another coworker called a parent at our school who volunteered to bring their popcorn machine. Only to then find out part of our popcorn supplies had expired. I mean seriously, it seemed like we'd just purchased them. So we sent our parent volunteer to the store to buy all the bagged popcorn she could find. We thought we were set but after finishing up all of our bagging, we only had 200+ bags of popcorn and were in need of over 500! But then the husband swooped in and saved the day! He hit up Walmart and Food Lion and came in with bags and bags of popcorn. In the end we had over 100 bags left over from our sale. What can I say, he's my hero!

5. Design Dilemma
It appears I have another design dilemma friends and I need your help. When we started working on our living room redecorating project, I just never could quite find any artwork to hang above our couch. I'm not big into painted portraits so I considered hanging an old window above our couch or doing a wall gallery. But then I already have a window hanging in our living room and I have frames around our tv so another gallery wall might be a bit much. So I had this genius idea of placing HOME letters above my couch. I initially planned on purchasing these large galvanized letters from Hobby Lobby but since our space isn't very rustic, I wasn't sure how they would look. After a little searching I came across these large 23.5 inch paper mache letters at Joann's. Yet, for a month now I've been checking back and forth and they don't have an O in stock. One day I just so happened to swing by Hobby Lobby and caught site of these 18 inch paper mache letters. Being half off, I decided to grab them up and try them out on our wall. From the side angle, I feel like they look okay but from straight ahead I feel like they look too small. What are your thoughts ladies? Should I wait and go back for the 23.5 inch letters since it'll fill in the space more? Could I add something else with the 18 inch letters to add more dimension to the space? Or do I go back to my initial plan and get the galvanized letters despite that I don't have a rustic space? All thoughts and suggestions are welcome! (And please, disregard the junk strewn everywhere :P)


  1. What a sweet hubby to bring all that popcorn for you:) Love that! And oh, girl. The potty training. Sigh. I am dreading it. We have a Cars potty seat insert for Caleb, so that he can sit on our normal toilet, and we've been sitting him on it every night before bathtime. So far, he's peed in the toilet once, but still seems to have absolutely no interest in it. And definitely has no interest in doing #2 in the potty. I have a feeling it might be a while for us. I honestly think you could totally pull off the galvanized letters in your space easily. Textures and themes get mixed and matched so much lately, I don't see it being too rustic at all. Since those were what you originally wanted, I doubt you'll like anything as much as you would those. You could always try them and if they just don't work, return them!:)

  2. Yay for potty training!!! We are about to make our second attempt at it shortly! As for the design space, I love the idea you have, I think galvanized letters would look great in the space! I don't think they are rustic really, just more modern industrial. Have you considered a mirror here instead? I'm really big on large mirrors! I love them and how they always make a space feel bigger! Maybe if you put the home letters on a large shelf the size of the letters that would add some definition to the space and make it seem more put together. Those family pictures are also ADORABLE.


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