{Link Ups} New Jobs, Dining Room Updates, & Easter

Happy Friday girls! I didn't get around to blogging much this week as it's been a pretty busy week in the Holt household but I still wanted to pop in for the usual Five on Friday even though the day is half gone. So let's get this show on the road before it's too late....

1. Kevin's New Job
You might remember back in December Kevin found out he might be laid off for part of this year. The news was rather disturbing despite that we knew it would only be temporary and not permanent. But still, the thought of Kevin not drawing a paycheck for 10+ months was scary. Over the last few months, we've learned more and more information and the lay off has been put off and put off and has yet to happen despite that Kevin was initially told it would start at the beginning of the year. As time has gone on, our fear has lessened and we haven't had a ton of concerns regarding the lay off as there are days I question whether it's even going to happen as business is booming and Kevin's working non-stop. However, a couple of weeks ago, Kevin was presented with the opportunity to move up in his company and begin a new job. This would insure he had a job during a potential layoff and prevent him from being laid off pretty much at anytime in the future. After a lot of prayer and talking it over, Kevin accepted the job, despite it being so very different from what he's done over the last eleven years, and began it this week . It's definitely been an adjustment for him and is going to take some time to get used to as is the case with any new job. So your prayers over the next few weeks for this guy as he gets acclimated would be greatly appreciated (:

2. My New Job
While we're on the topics of new jobs, I started a new job myself back at the end of February. But don't worry, I'm still teaching my little third graders too! Hence why I've been rather busy here these past few weeks and have lacked a lot of blogging time. Back in February, I was presented the opportunity to coach volleyball with another one of my coworkers at a local middle school. Having coached intramural volleyball for the last three years, I was ready for a change and decided to accept the challenge. It's definitely made for some longer days and less time at home but I have thoroughly enjoyed  myself over the last couple of weeks. It's been nice to have something to do for myself outside of work and home. Getting to spend my afternoon with the thirteen girls on our team is never short of laughs and chuckles. Might I add, we are currently 2-0 and I can only see our winning streak continuing because our girls are a beast and totally dominate the volleyball court! & check out our coaching shirts... you just can't ever go wrong with a monogram (;

3. Dining Room Chairs
A few weeks ago I shared my dining room chair dilemma. I purchased these tufted chairs back in January and for an entire month they sat in our front foyer because I couldn't decide whether I wanted to keep them or not because they appeared so much shorter than our old ones. Yet, after seeing all four of the ones I had ordered put together, I was in love! I loved them so much I decided I wanted to order another set... but then I ran into another dilemma. They were sold out. But thanks to an amazing customer service representative, I was assured that at some point they would come back in stock and I should check back often. So for the last three weeks, I have stalked Target's website about twenty times a day to see that little red icon that said "add to cart". And on Monday, I got lucky! I quickly tossed them into my cart, added my coupon code, and purchased these babies for nearly half price before someone else could snatch them all up! Now that I have them, my dining room is nearly complete (:

4. DIY Projects
Speaking of the dining room, I made this little planter box several weeks back for our dining room table. I had been eyeing them on Pinterest for months now and even got ready to purchase one on ETSY until I had a genius idea to make my own. And I am so thankful I did. These babies sell for $50+ on ETSY and I made mine for less than $20! This bargain shopping mama sure was doing the happy dance when it was all said and done! As soon as I get some fresh flowers for it, I'll share the full tutorial on this little blog of mine!

5. Getting Ready for Easter
Is it just me or do you ladies feel like it's unreal that Easter is just around the corner? I mean, really? Didn't we just have Christmas? I had all intentions of going all out for Easter this year but it just sort of snuck up on me. So other than Harper's Easter books on her picture book ledges in the playroom and a cute little bunny I picked up from the Target One Spot sitting in the foyer, this is as good as it's going to get this year as far as Easter decor is concerned. Oh well, better luck next year!

Here's hoping you all have an amazing weekend! See ya on Monday friends!

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  1. Congratulations on the new jobs for both you and Kevin! That's awesome! It's important to do something for yourself, so I'm glad to hear that coaching volleyball is fulfilling for you:) Love the dining room - the chairs look great! And so with you on the Easter decor. I put a few little things out in our living room, and that's it. Oh, well!:)


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