Harper's First Haircut

Yesterday marked another milestone for our baby girl. She had her first haircut and by haircut I really only mean a trim. But it made this little mama sad nonetheless. Harper has been in desperate need of a haircut for months now and having scheduled my own hair appointment for yesterday, I asked my hairstylist if it would be okay that Kevin bring Harper towards the end of mine so she could get her own little cut. Of course, Crystal is amazing and jumped at the opportunity. So as my appointment came to a close I sent Kevin a quick text to head up to the salon with Harper in tow. As expected, she was extremely bashful at first but after watching Crystal finish up my hair, she became a little more relaxed and welcoming. When my cut was finished, she plopped in my lap. In an effort to make sure she remained still, I broke out my phone and Harper enjoyed an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Youtube. The things we do as parents (; It worked wonders and she was as good as gold. In fifteen minutes, her hair was all trimmed up and she was ready to go (: Now I can only hope her next visit in a few weeks will go just as smoothly!

And here's her precious little cut this morning. Too cute for words but then again I'm partial (;


  1. Awww! Good job, Harper! I remember dreading Caleb's first haircut. I didn't want them to cut off his curls, but he was rocking a style WAY too similar to a mullet, so it just had to be done. Fortunately his waves/curl has come back (which was what I was most worried about), and he has had 2 or 3 haircuts now since his first one. Every time I dread it though. They always look so grown up with a fresh haircut! Good job, Mama! Looks like you handled it well!:)


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