Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday ladies! I hope your weekends were splendid and your week is going swell. I woke up yesterday with fluid swishing in my forehead and ears. Not a good way to begin my week. Despite the joys fall brings, the seasonal change and allergies are one thing that I dislike about the season. Since I was a bit under the weather yesterday I didn't get around to sharing our weekend. Though truly, it was nothing much to brag about so I'll keep it short and sweet today.

My mother-in-law picked up Harper from daycare Friday so I could run home and get some cleaning done. Cleaning was my plan but after a long week at work, I was exhausted and opted to spend thirty minutes laying in bed reading a book before rolling out to grab Harp. After picking her up, we headed to a local restaurant for dinner with my parents, siblings, and the hubs.

Saturday morning we did the usual breakfast thing with my mom and dad since the hubs had to work yet another Saturday. 

After breakfast, my sister and I headed to Greensboro to get in a little shopping. I ended up picking up a Ralph Lauren t-shirt, a blouse, and two puffer vests for right around $50. I'd say that was a bargain. We grabbed a late lunch at Steak and Shake and then headed home since Harper had missed her nap time and was quick to let us know she was DONE for the day. When the hubs got home from work, we headed to my in-laws. Since Kevin's dad is on night shift, my mother-in-law volunteered to watch Harper while we grabbed dinner with Kevin's brother and his girlfriend at Ruby Tuesday. After Harper's meltdowns for most of the afternoon due to her refusing to take a nap, I graciously accepted and we headed out to grab some steaks and salads. By the time we got back Harper was out and we weren't far behind her.

Sunday we did our usual routine of church and lunch with my family. After lunch, my friend Brittni, Harper, and I headed to Old Navy to grab Harper some fall clothes and grab some groceries at Target. Old Navy was running their baby sale and most items were 30% off. In addition to the sales, I had a $15 off $50 coupon so I ended up scoring Harper a fall wardrobe for less than $75. Here's some of my favorite finds. She's definitely going to be one fashionable lady this fall. Now my only question is, do these come in my size?

Well that pretty much sums up our weekend ladies. Nothing too exciting, but just what I needed after a long week at work! Hope to see you ladies tomorrow!

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