Weekend Recap

Well here we are again. Another Monday. Despite how fast the weekend flew by, I have to admit that it was a good one despite that Harper and I barely saw the hubs.

Friday afternoon, I finished up grading papers, preparing for this week of school, and getting my classroom in order before leaving. By 4:15 I was out the door and on my way to pick up Harper doodle from daycare. Since Kevin was working and was planning to go to the gym for a quick workout after, Harper and I made our way over to my parents' house for the remainder of the afternoon. As soon as we arrived, Harper immediately told her Papa she wanted to go outside... her absolute favorite place to be. Since the weather was so nice, Harper, my dad, and I took a stroll through the neighborhood. When we got back Harper chowed down on some snacks and spent an hour playing in the yard while we sat on the side porch. By 8:00 the hubs was finished with his workout so we headed out to meet him for dinner at Reid's House, a local diner in our hometown. 

Saturday morning, Harper and I met my parents for brunch at our usual Saturday morning spot while the hubs pulled another twelve-hour shift at work. When breakfast was over, we rode by and saw my best friend and her husband who happened to be in town for the morning. Harper had a blast with Uncle Clint and Aunt Aly. Of course that's because they'll let her do whatever she wants. Who wouldn't like people like that?! (;

Around lunchtime, Harper and I made our way to Greensboro to pick up a birthday present and pick up some fall decorations. Sadly after a trip to Target, Homegoods, and Marshalls, we had no such luck on either front. Looks like I'll be doing quite a few diy projects this fall... that is if I can find the time! 

Saturday afternoon, Harper and I headed to Thomasville with Kevin's parents for a birthday party. It was the first kid's birthday party Harper had ever been to and let's just say, she's clearly going to be a fan of parties. She loved all the attention she got, the unlimited food (and cake!), and all the toys that belonged to someone else. A toy playhouse being her favorite!

When the party was over, we swung by Carter's where my mother-in-law picked up Harper the cutest Halloween costume. This year she's going to be an owl. I just couldn't pass up the mint green, pink, and white cuteness!

Sunday morning came bright and early. Harper decided 5:30 was the perfect time to let me know she was ready to start her day. However, this little mama was not at all ready. A whole Coke later, I was finally back to my morning person self and was able to get myself in gear to get ready for church. Speaking of church, this week it was an adventure. Since Harper decided to start her day much earlier than usual, her nap schedule got all off. Ten minutes into the service, she threw a massive fit. Embarrassed as all get out, I yanked her up and headed off to the nursery. I seriously contemplated not going back into the service after Harper's melt down but once she finally fell asleep, I managed to get over myself and head back in to the place I needed to be.

After church, Harper and I headed to my parents' house for our usual Sunday lunch with the family. We hung around the house until shortly after 3 then made our way to an open house in a neighborhood not far from where we currently live. Unfortunately the house wasn't much. The pictures online made it look much nicer than it actually is so we'll be staying put at our house for a while longer. After the open house, Harper and I headed back to the house. Brooke and Bryan swung by and kept us company until the hubs got home from work shortly after 6.

As soon as Kevin got home, he ran upstairs and changed clothes and then we were out the door again. Our neighbors are expecting a baby early next year and they were kind enough to invite us to their gender reveal party so we didn't have far to go... just four houses down. They revealed the baby's gender during the halftime of the football game that was on at the time. They had everyone choose a pink or blue balloon and blow it up. The blue wouldn't blow up which meant they were having a girl. It was the cutest idea! We're so excited that Harper is going to have a neighbor she can play with when she gets a bit bigger!

Following the gender reveal party, we caught a late dinner at a local pizza joint with a coworker of mine and her boyfriend, who Kevin happened to grow up with. By the time we got home shortly after 9, we were all exhausted and called it a night. The next thing I knew it was 5:30 and my alarm clock was going off...

Hope you ladies had a great weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a few of us were missing our husbands this weekend. Glad I wasn't the only one! And totally wish we were closer so we could hang out and let the babies play!


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