Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Fall is finally here and this girl feels like it's Christmas. Not really, but you catch my drift. In honor of this much anticipated season, I want to share my five, fall fashion must-haves. Over the last month or so I've been eyeing the new fall clothing, shoes, and accessories that have been coming in and out of the stores. There are so many items that I'm dying to add to my closet right now but as a mama on a teacher's budget, my needs are far outweighing my wants so I'm having to keep my list narrow. But you best believe these five things are making their way into my shopping cart over the next few weeks (if they haven't already...shhh, don't tell the hubs). 

1. Plaid Blanket Scarf
Last year I fell in love with the plaid Zara blanket scarf that was making it's debut all over the internet world, pinterest, and blog community. I thought it was the perfect fall statement piece. Unfortunately, everyone else thought so too because they sold out in no time. When I found out they were going to be restocked this year I was stoked and was determined to grab one up. But yet again, I wasn't fast enough and they were all gone. So what did this little mama do? She went looking for an alternative and I scored big. I grabbed up this almost identical one off of Ebay for $12.99 (shipping included!). That's a bargain my friends! 

2. Herringbone Vest
I have been in love with the infamous quilted herringbone J. Crew vest since it first came out last fall. But I just never could quite pull the trigger on paying $140 for it. Afterall, that's a week of Harper's daycare or a trip to the grocery store. That's how I reason my purchases my friends... as to what bills I could pay instead of buying it. But thanks to it's growing popularity, many boutiques are offering knock-offs that are nearly identical and this girl is grabbing one up. I found this one at 261 Boutique for $58. Hurry and go pre-order yours now! 

3. Dome Handbag
Every year I buy two hand bags, exactly two. I always purchase one in the spring and one in the fall and let them each carry on into the next season. After seeing all of the new bags in the stores over the last month I knew immediately that I wanted a dome handbag. Originally I had fallen in love with this red London fog dome handbag that I ended up picking up at Marshalls for just $40.  But after seeing this cheetah print and patent leather dome handbag, I'm rethinking my choices. 
4. Lilly Pulitzer Monogram Pullover
In the fall, my wardrobe consists of hoodies with yoga pants or leggings. When I saw these adorable monogram half zip pullovers, I knew it was the perfect item to add to my weekend attire. You can find them all over Etsy. The one below is from The Pinky Girl and they sell for just $36!

5. Hunter Boots
I know you've seen these on my blog time and time again. Over the last year I've been wanting to add these babies to my closet but I just couldn't make myself fork out $150 for a pair when Target carries a similar pair for just $45. But after trying on a coworker's pair and getting a 30% coupon for Piperlime, these babies are going to be coming home with me come October. I decided that if I'm going to be wearing them most of the winter, I'd rather invest in a good pair that will last me a few years. At least, that's what I'm telling myself! 

Well, that's it ladies, my five fall must-haves! What's on your list?!


  1. Love your Fall list! I want a monogrammed sweatshirt but have yet to find one that makes its way to my cart. Also, those boots! I have been eyeing them for months but I need to try a pair on first - I'm only 5'1" and not sure how the tall version will fit/look. The price is a bit scary but if I could find a coupon like you did, I could convince myself I need them. Hope to see a review on them from you soon!

    Also, I'm loving your haircut! I have been growing mine long for awhile, just to be able to attempt a side braid (or anything!). Bravo for having the guts to chop your off, it looks great!

  2. Everything on your fall wish list is also on my wish list! I have been dying for the herringbone vest but just can't swallow the price of it! And I would love to hear about the plaid blanket scarf when it arrives! That's an amazing price and I would love to order one as well but I'm curious about the material!


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