{Oh Hey, Friday}

It's Friday ladies and this girl is singing the Hallelujah chorus. This hasn't been a bad week by any means but this girl is just exhausted. I feel like no matter what time I went to bed this week I felt more and more tired each morning. You can best bet that my alarm clock and I will not be getting together this weekend! No sirree. To kick off this weekend, I thought I'd link up with Amy of the Farmer's Wife for her Oh Hey, Friday link-up. So let's get this kick off started...

1. Fall
Earlier this week we had a sneak peek of fall weather in NC and it was amazing. It may have rained for two straight days but the cloudy skies, leaves on the ground, and cooler temperatures were just enough to get this girl giddy and excited for the coming weeks. Not that it took much as I've been looking forward to fall since I started thinking back-to-school thoughts. I've yet to bust out my fall decor (though I've been dying to) but I couldn't pass up some fall scented candles on Monday while at the grocery store. These two babies have been burning in our house and they smell glorious! Do yourself a favor and go to Walmart right now and pick them up. For $5.88 a piece how could you say no?!

2. These Two 
On Wednesday, this guy took Harper to the pool so I could clean and do laundry. Brooke, my brother-in-law's girlfriend, sent me this picture as she's a lifeguard there and it just melted my heart. These two cuties are my world <3 nbsp="" p="">

3. The Nesting Place
Over Labor Day weekend, I snagged a copy of The Nesting Place on my kindle for $1.99. I'd seen quite a few bloggers share the book on their blogs and as a wanna-be interior designer I couldn't pass it up. I'm so thankful that I grabbed it because I haven't been able to stop reading it. It truly spoke to my heart and has given me just the motivation I needed to complete some of the house projects that I have been wanted to do for a while now but have just been afraid to do myself.  I'll share more on this book in the future, but for now, take my word for it and go grab it!

4. A Military Vest
Last week I grabbed this military vest on a whim at Marshalls for $29.99! After perusing Pinterest for outfit ideas, I'm so thankful I did. There are so many super cute pins on there. I can't wait to try styling them all. I definitely see this being a weekly worn item in my closet. I may or may not have already worn it several times in just a week's time. Which leads me to the question, is it bad to wear the same item to work in the same week as long as it's a different look?! What do you ladies think?

5. Best Friends and Visits
Tomorrow I'll be having a girls' day with this girl! Olivia and I have known each other since kindergarten and we're more sisters than friends. Earlier this year she moved to Wilmington so we don't get the opportunity to see each other as much as we used to. But as of tomorrow, this girl is making the drive all the way from Wilmington just to come see me and Harp for the day while the hubs works his Saturday away. I could not be more excited!

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