{Oh Hey, Friday}

Today I'm joining two fabulous ladies, Amy of the Farmer's Wife and Karli of September Farm, for their weekly Oh hey, Friday link up. I figured, why not? It's Friday! A day for a little randomness. So let's get a little random shall we?


1. Fall Finds
I mentioned in my weekend recap this week that I grabbed some amazing decor deals over the weekend. Since I didn't quite get around to sharing those, here's a picture. Hopefully I'll get around to placing them around the house this weekend and you can get a sneak peek next week of the fall decor going up in the Holt house. I'm just a wee bit excited about this!

2. The Hubs
As I mentioned Wednesday, the hubs had to undergo yet another surgery this week. Poor thing, this was the third one in a year for something that should rarely occur a second time. He's still a little sore but overall his recovery is going splendid. Much better than the first and second time. Guess he's getting used to it, right?

3. Hair Cut
Last weekend I decided to do something drastic to my hair. By drastic I mean I had it all chopped off this week. I haven't had short hair since I was a freshman in college. In other words, seven years ago. I was a bit nervous but oh so ready for a change.  And this change was definitely a good one. My hair is so much lighter, takes a whole lot less time to style, and is the perfect fall cut. Win, win, win! 

4. Bedtime
Yesterday after dinner, the hubs, Harper, and I decided to lay down for a short nap. Well, the hubs and Harper got up but this girl didn't. Ladies, I slept from 6:45 to 5:45 this morning! Whaaat?! This girl was seriously tired even though I didn't even realize it. But I'm not going to lie... it was ahhhhmazing! 

5. Fall Fashion
There are soooo many cute fall items now and I am so ready to start stocking my closet. I have a Fall want list that is growing faster and faster by the minute. Check back next Tuesday for my want list. Picture leopard print bags, puffer vests, cute boots, and an abundance of monogram items! (:

Happy Friday ladies!

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  1. Cute hair! And I really really love those plates!


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