The BEST Weekend

With the coming weekend almost near (whoop whoop) I figured I better share about this past weekend before it was too late. I had all intentions of sharing a weekend recap earlier in the week but it's just been one of THOSE weeks you know. The kind where things come up left and right, you're struggling to keep your head above water, and you're counting down the days to the weekend. Yes, those weeks. But that's okay because I'm still living off the high from this past weekend. Seriously girls, it was the BEST weekend we've had in a long time.

Friday around lunchtime I had an unexpected surprise. Due to some slight sleet and freezing temperatures, our school system released school early leaving me with an extra long afternoon to accomplish some much needed tasks. After sending my kiddos home and preparing for a new week, I ended up walking out of work several hours earlier than usual. I'd like to say I headed home for some much needed r & r but like any mama these days, I used my time wisely to tackle the laundry and get the house cleaned. Several hours later, I felt accomplished and headed out to pick up Harper. We spent the rest of the evening playing until the hubs got home then we headed out for dinner with my parents at a local diner before calling it a night sometime around 9pm. 

As I mentioned last week, Saturday was Kevin's much needed off day. It was his first day off in 25 days! With that being said, I tried to let him sleep in as long as possible. Though considering he's up by 4:30 each morning, 7 was as late as he could sleep. So while he laid in bed resting and Harper was still sleeping, I managed to get my tail in gear and fix some breakfast for us. When the cinnamon rolls were done, Harper woke up and we ate and spent the morning in bed watching her favorite... Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Sometime around 11, we managed to get back up and ready for a new day. While Kevin took one of the cars to be inspected, I rode out with a coworker of mine to do a little shopping. Her daughter isn't much younger than Harper so watching Harper and Hutson meet for the first time was pretty neat. Hopefully they'll grow up to be best friends one day (;

On the way home from shopping, Taylor and I swung by the drive thru at Pete's, a local hamburger joint, to take food home to the hubbies.  When we got back to the house, Kevin still wasn't back so Harper and I ate our lunch together then I laid her down for a nap. About that time Kevin was returning home, so while Harper napped, Kevin ate his lunch as we watched dvr'ed episodes of Fixer Upper. One of my favorite shows these days!

Saturday evening we headed to Greensboro to do a little shopping for our master bedroom redo project. I'm on the hunt for the perfect chair and was hoping Homegoods or Marshalls would have the perfect one but unfortunately there was no such luck. After my failed shopping attempt, we headed to Olive Garden to meet up with Kevin's best friend and his wife and two boys (who are almost 2 and 4). We ended up having a blast. We put all three kids together at one end of the table and we sat on the opposite side. I wasn't sure how this would go but all three kids entertained each other. while us adults got to talk and enjoy each other's company. Since the kids were having such a good time together, we decided to head back to Brian and Stacey's and let them play in their playroom together. All I can say is Harper was in heaven. She's a bit of a tomboy loving all things sports related and vehicle related so the fact that their playroom was filled with basketball goals, ball pits, and trains, made her feel like she'd hit the jackpot! By the time we left it was nearly 9 and she could barely keep her eyes open. I don't doubt Griffin and Elijah fell asleep shortly after either.

Sadly, Kevin's short break came to an end Sunday as he had to head back to work for another I don't know how many days. So while he left the house sometime after 5am, Harper and I slept in until nearly 9. We got up, got ready for church, then headed out to meet Kevin for breakfast. After breakfast we made our way to church then headed to my Mom and Dad's for our usual Sunday lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent with naps and playtime. We finished up our weekend with a much needed grocery store trip and dinner with the in-laws.

Here's to hoping we'll have another great weekend like this soon!

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  1. Sounds like a blast! I love Fixer Upper too!! Chip and Joanna are seriously the cutest - I want her to come decorate my house when I have one! Her French Country designs are my favorite.


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